31 July 2013

Coming up this August on QVC

Kindle Fire HDWe've got more than a few exciting products and events coming up in August that we wanted to let you all know a little more about.

My QVC with Russell and Flavia

Everyone's favourite dance partners and Zalsa fanatics, Russell Grant and Favia Cacace, will be sharing their pick of QVC's products as part of our 20th Birthday celebrations.



This total nutrition centre is so much more than a blender offering you an easy way to prepare healthy, tasty food for you and your family. This kitchen innovation will be a Today's Special Value toward the end of August.


Sticking with kitchenware, QVC will also be launching this high-quality Swiss kitchenware range with a premiere show around the middle of the month.

Kindle Fire HD

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD (pictured above) will be bursting onto the QVC scene with an unmissable Today's Special Value offer at the end of August! What more is there to say? Keep an eye on QGossip for more details soon.

Find the latest items and offers at qvcuk.com


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The Vitamix and the Bamix are both fantastic! Top quality pieces of equipment. I am lucky enough to own both but cannot wait to watch the qvc demonstrations, also hope you will be selling accessories to go with them?

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im glad qvc are selling the vitamix i have had one for 3 years now and i do everything with it,drinks,icecream,lovely peanut butter ,before i had the vitamix i couldnt get my 2 daughters to eat fruit but now making smoothies i can put fruit and veg into them and my daughters love them,i now know my girls are getting the fruit and fibre they need,the peanut butter is much much better than the shop bought

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I want to buy a Vitamix and I think they are on QVC at the end of August (24th ? ). Can you confirm which model you will be selling as there seems to be 2 available the 5200 and the Pro. The difference seems to be price and 3 pre-programmed settings but am interested to know which ones you will be selling. Thanks

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Want the Vitamix.....

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I have had a vitamix for 4 years, it has changed my life. I retired on ill health grounds with a post viral infection that the doctors said would take years to go. four years later was worse hardly able to walk and breathe and thought my health totally shot. I have always eaten a healthy dieat but struggled to get at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. Until vitamix!! Now I have fruit smoothies, vegetable smoothies, home made soups and in 3 months was seeing the difference, Now at 71 have a part time job, grow my own fruit and vegetables on my new allotment and feel fitter than I did at 50. Only change in my diet has been the smoothies. Expensive machine but have recouped my money in just over a year, but the benefit to my health has exceded all my expectations. Get one and use it every day, such a reliable machine and makes smoothies like cream.

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Hi i am wanting to make an enquiry as to what date you will be airing the Kindle Fire on Todays special value. please could let me know the date as i am wanting to purchase a couple of these for my children for christmas. also will this item be on easy pay? Thank you for your help

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Hi I was told that vitamix is on offer on your show. I am interested in buying it.pls advise thanks

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Had my Bamix for a number of years now, it's brilliant, easy to use and clean and wouldn't be without it. It looks really stylish in the corner on my kitchen worktop.
It especially made the Diet Chef Milkshakes creamier...there's a thought, use it in the next DC show.

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I use y (older) Bamix for frothy cooffee and yorkshires omlettes manyonaise much more powerfull than the "wands " thnat other manifacturers display I had one that lasted years and is now residing in a retaraunt kitchen in daily use.

I first saw The Bamix at a show in Manchester in the 60s and was totaly taken wirh its simplicity of use, the technique has never left me Its a slow up and down movement rather than a pulverising and I think thats whay they often turn up on Ebay at silly prices as people cant use them :)

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I love my Bamix silverline... I don't use it often enough so am truly looking forward to seeing the QVC presentations!

I am glad that there are some new products coming that aren't just being sent on to us from America. Bravo!

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