22 March 2013

Kipling chit chat with guest Marie-Francoise!

Guest Marie-Francoise WolffThis week we're excited to be celebrating nine years of fabulous Kipling handbags and accessories at QVC UK!

We know how popular Kipling bags are, so we're treating you to some fabulous offers including 9p P&P, special Anniversary Prices and Easy Pay instalment deals on selected lines. So make sure you snap up some goodies and don't miss out!

To mark this special occasion, we caught up with the lovely Marie-Francoise Wolff from the brand to have a chat about all things Kipling! Here's what she had to say...

Kipling Fairfax bag

What was the first Kipling bag you owned?

I had the the Fairfax (left) in Petrol and City Joanne in black!

What exciting things will be happening in the Kipling world this year?

 So much!!!! Where do I start?! Well, I was in the USA launching Kipling on QVC at the beginning of March and the Americans fell in love with the monkey!

I have also just got back from Belgium where Kipling HQ is based and I had meetings with the design team to discuss bag ideas for QVC!

Later in the year you will see an amazing collection in the fall with a supermodel, plus we're bringing some beautiful leather pieces your way too. The City range will also be back with the new name, Vivy, and we have a stunning TSV happening in April.

So much news that I can't reveal it all now but it feels busier and more exciting than ever this year! Kipling fans will be in heaven with all the projects we have coming up.

Marie-Francoise at QVC US

Marie-Francoise at QVC US

Can you give us a quick round up of what a typical working day is like for you?

My life is crazy! I can be anywhere in the world or the UK - that's part of the reason I am so attached to Kipling because when travelling, their luggage, bags and accessories never let me down and they are so light, organised and fun - it truly takes the stress out of my travels.

When I am not on QVC or working with them I work as a TV presenter on other channels and I also act and model. You will see me soon in a TV commercial for Wellman/Wellwoman vitamins. I also appear in many guises - on magazine covers and adverts - I crop up all over the place!

Tell us a bit more about how the Kipling monkey came about?

The Kipling monkey is the charm of the brand. We are named after Rudyard Kipling who was a great writer and traveller! The monkey is a homage to King Louis from the Jungle Book.

The monkeys exude a sense of fun and personality and they are all named after people that work for Kipling, reflecting Kipling's sense of family and collectibility - It's like joining a club!

Here is a photo of the creators of the Kipling monkey, and also... my Kipling monkey!

The Kipling monkey creators Marie-Francoise Kipling monkey

What are Kipling’s bestselling designs and why are they so popular?

Kipling Defea bagOn QVC, it's got to be the Fairfax (above), and the Brownie and Breezer set. We make them for you in our latest fashion colours and fabrications - a luxury you can only find at QVC! We have a unique relationship where we design styles just for you and re-make bestselling styles that may not be in our global collection.

The Defea (left) is the number one bestseller globally! We sell it in over 67 countries worldwide. The Defea is a medium size with lots of pockets and functionality. It also has a cross-body option - the bag you need when you're carrying the kitchen sink!


Browse our Kipling range and look out for special anniverary offers too

See our full shoes and handbags selection


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Love Kipling but my two favourites are no longer available. Please bring back the Benita and the Seema. Also I was a bit disappointed with the Reth s as I thought the main base would be deeper.

My Photo

Hi,love kipling bags but would like the key fob in an outer small pocket as I always keep my keys separate, I can then locate them easier on darker evenings without worrying about pulling other things out of my bag

My Photo

Will the Bozer bag be back soon I would like it white.I have it in Black.

My Photo


will there be bags to match all the kipling scarves? Shell

My Photo

Thanks for all your comments if you want to join me on Facebook Marie-Francoise Wolff or twitter MarieFrancoise7 I will see your messages directly-

The dress is Taylor an old QVC style

I have put your suggestions/requests forward to the designers thank you!

Adomma is currently just in three dark shades so I will see what special colour ways we can bring to QVC.
Benita I have requested for Monkey Mania.

Many thanks

Marie-Françoise x

My Photo

Loving the pansy flower dress Marie Francoise is wearing- any idea when its from?

My Photo

Love the Candy Bag best of all the designs, compact yet so many well designed compartments. So glad that Kipling continue to make the Candy for QVC - snapped up the wildflower version yesterday - any chance of a Candy in the Mint Proof print or similar? Also, if I MUST have another style which of the other Kipling bags most closely resemble the Candy in size and organisation? Thanks

My Photo

What is the big bag you are holding in the picture on the left? In lots of colours ...

My Photo

Loving the new "blue flower" and "blossom" patterns. i would really like to see Reth and Breezer in either (both!!) of these please?

My Photo



My Photo

Hi Marie-Francoise will you be doing the benita in the monkey mania print? I love the print and would like a new bag for my hoildays, but would love a monkey mania print, in a bag about the size of the benita, a great size for travelling and plenty of pockets.

My Photo

hi i have got a few kipling bags but my all time favourite is the large fairfax i love it it all the many compartments its amazing just ordered another one many thanks rose

My Photo

On the website homepage there is a Kipling promo showing a model in a red dress carrying a white bag with black trim (there is also another model carrying a yellow bag). However I cannot find either of these bags available on the website. Please can you give me the item numbers. Many thanks.

My Photo

will the adomma bag be done in cabbage.?shirley

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