24 January 2013

Love beauty treatments? See the Liz Earle Signature Facial

Will GowingThe latest Today's Special Value from Liz Earle is a nine-piece Pampering Facial Collection and will be on QVC on Sunday 27th January - Beauty Day!

When I was told about this TSV, I thought why don't I go and have a Liz Earle facial? I'll obviously hate it, but I'll do it for YOU!

I packed up my camera and trotted off to Liz Earle where I met up with treatment expert Karen Bevan-Brown. Karen is a brilliant therapist and you can see some of my treatment by watching the video below.

After you've watched the clip, please carry on reading as Karen has shared some of her top tips for giving yourself a facial at home with our Today's Special Value...


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So you've seen treatment expert Karen Bevan-Brown in action, now find out how you can give your own skin a workout at home using some of the products within our Today's Special Value collection... 

Cleanse & Polish
Karen says... "Perform a double cleanse at home, to give yourself a facial treatment. Whilst doing this incorporate gentle massage techniques, use your fingers to smooth the cream upwards and outwards to encourage a glowing complexion." 

Superskin Concentrate
Karen says... "Spend a couple of minutes massaging the concentrate onto your sin. Try performing light thumb circles from the centre of your chin along your jawline towards each ear. Then give your skin a mini-workout by drawing circles with your fingertips on both cheeks, working upwards and outwards towards the ears. These massage techniques can help clear congestion within the skin, and encourage a healthy-looking glow. 

Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask
Karen says... "I love to apply the Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask just before I get into the bath, so I can relax and let it work it's magic while I soak."

Thanks very much to Karen for an amazing treatment and some fab tips for us to use at home. That's just a little tease of SOME of the products featuring in our Today's Special Value collection, see the full reveal live on QVC on Beauty Day, Sunday the 27th of January.

See you soon,
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I've been thinking of booking my first ever LE facial recently - to treat myself. This has persuaded me to def. do it! Looks so relaxing and Will's skin looks great. :)

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Have just read the above comment requesting the return of Smashbox, my 19 year old daughter really misses ALL of their range, so please QVC make her happy and bring back Smashbox

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I have been waiting for a Liz earle tsv as I have run out of cleanse and polish. :'(

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Love Liz Earle products. Had a present of a different make but soon went back to Liz Earle as my skin broke out in spots.

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love qvc's beauty deals, but when are Smashbox coming back. I am really desperate for their fantastic eye liner

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