04 May 2012

DIY how to... put up a shelf

Completed shelfWelcome to our new how-to DIY series of blogs where we will provide you with step-by-step guides for tackling different DIY projects around your home.

These steps include handy hints and tips to make doing it yourself easier and more manageable.

This month we're tackling how to put up a shelf...

What you will need:

EZ hanger

Step 1: Firstly using the EZ hanger, gauge the holes on the brackets.





Shelf bracketStep 2: The place that the shelf bracket is to be sited needs to be marked on the wall prior to drilling and this is transferred to the wall in question using the EZ hanger.



Drill to hold bracketStep 3: After drilling the wall, then the screws can be put in place to hold the brackets




Gap tape measureStep 4: Put the holding strip on the bracket, all measurements can be checked using the unique gap tape and this really works well when putting a shelf up between two walls for internal measurements.


  Completed shelfStep 5: Then add the wood to complete the shelf, and you're done!





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Make sure you check back each month for our new DIY how-to guides, and if you have any ideas for what DIY projects you'd like to see in the coming months then leave us a comment below!


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i would love a guide to putting up curtain poles as i need to do this job in my home and would appreciate any tips

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I would like to see info about putting up curtain railes. Thanks

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