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A catch up with Andi Peters


It’s that time of the year again, Andi Peters’ Food Fest is back! Coming to your screens from 10th October, every Monday at 7pm. Andi will be cooking up delicious treats along with partner-in-crime Dale. We caught up with Andi and asked him to answer our ‘getting to know you’ Q & A. Read on to find out which celeb Andi would most like to meet, and which three presenters he would take with him to a desert island…


QG: What are your social media handles?

AP: Social media handles: Twitter: andipeters, Instagram: andipeterspics

QG: Do you have a nickname?

AP: Mr P

QG: What was your first job?

AP: Sales Assistant in Top Man

QG: If you weren’t in your current profession, what do you think you would be doing instead?

AP: Managing Director of Top Man.

QG: Where have you visited in your life that took your breath away?

AP: The Taj Mahal, it’s just so magical and I got to sit on the Princess Diana bench.

QG: What’s the one achievement you’re most proud of?

AP: Creating T4 on Channel 4 and being the voice in a Disney animated movie.

Gower Cottage

QG: Who would you be most star-struck to meet in real life?

AP: Harrison Ford… I’m a huge Star Wars fan.

QG: What are your top tips for realising your goals in business or in life?

AP: Never give up. If you get knocked down ALWAYS get up.

QG: What’s your top style tip?

AP: I’m not stylish in ANY way.

QG: If you could travel back in time, which era would you visit and what would you do?

I’d go to the Downton Abbey era and enjoy the regal lifestyles… unless I was a servant?

QG: What three things would you bring to a desert island?

My iPad (mine has a SIM card), a boat and a hamper.

QG: If you were facing a zombie apocalypse, which three QVC presenters would be on your survival team?

Dale to hunt food, Alison Young to make us all look good and Charlie to build stuff… he looks so sensible!

Thanks for those excellent answers, Andi! That sounds like a fun desert island. Don’t forget to tune in to Andi Peters’ Food Fest on Monday evenings at 7pm. If you can’t wait until then, take a look at our Food department now for a look at what Andi will be featuring on his show.

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