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With the warmer weather, it’s been lovely to sit outside enjoying the company of the two latest additions to our family! With Lauren home as well, it’s been perfect! Well, almost perfect…

They’re getting used to the company of the bigger dogs – a couple of you asked in the comments section about how they get on. Well, Holly ignores them all – she’s playing the typical alpha dog! And Patch, the younger (greyer!) silly one, loves them to bits and is enjoying her new playmates!

The little ones Daisy and Gracie are also learning bits and pieces – they’re getting used to human language and picking up tricks fast!

And at the end of a long playing session, we all settle down again, hoping for a bit of peace and quiet – some chance!

Keep your eyes peeled for another puppy update soon!

Best wishes



  1. Mrs Heidi Barnett June 29, 2010 at 11:30 am -  Reply

    Awwww…puppies!!! Hi Debbie, loving the new additions,you have certainly got your hands full there lol!
    I have put up a comment before when your labs were in the snow. I have a 2yr old black lab called Flynn (who’s my best pal) bred by my Mum who has 9 Labs (2yellow,7black) and a Border Collie plus 2 cats. They work some of their labs but are pets also.
    We love our labs…they are such loyal dogs and great fun. Your two older ones seem lovely with the pups,but Labs are good natured anyway normally are’nt they?!
    Here’s to hours of fun and keep us updated, having pups around is time-wasting yet enjoyable…lovely.
    Love your presenting, you bring humour to our screens, keep it up hun. Best wishes, Heidi xx

  2. Marg June 30, 2010 at 12:08 am -  Reply

    What a wonderful summer afternoon you spent Debbie, you never forget days like that do you. The puppies are just gorgeous but the star for me is Patch,what a wonderful nature she has,those little ones have a great teacher in her.Thankyou for the chance to share your enjoyment.I have always had dogs,but at the moment we have only one and she is better on her own,she had a rather bad start to life and at the age of seven we still cannot completly read her,but I wouldnt part with her for anything she has a right to be wary of people,and not everyone would understand so she is ours for life.It did my heart good to see those little ones full of the joys,I will watch your blog for updates on the beautiful brownies, and dear Patch.
    Thankyou Debbie

  3. debi stubbs June 30, 2010 at 11:30 am -  Reply

    Debbie your puppies are gorgeous we have a black lab called Monty, he is 11 years old this year and seeing them play and bounce around they remind me of Monty when he was their age.
    When Monty departs this world we are probably going to get another lab possibly chocolate the labrador breed are brilliant so good with children and very intelligent
    Keep bringing us more updates
    Take Care
    Debi Stubbs

  4. Carole Serbie July 5, 2010 at 11:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    I know exactly what your going through as I have two chocolate lab puppies at the moment, thankfully their not the same age. Poppy is 9 months and Kaycee is 14 weeks, been there with two of the same age, same reason as you coildn’t leave one on it’s own. It’s not even double the work of one dog it’s quadruple. I also have Zara (also Chocolate) who just turned 4, she has been a star with any pup I have brought home.
    I enjoyed your post of the pups in the garden, I have a video on my facebook page. I f you want to view it you’ll get it from my email (supplied bellow)
    Have fun with all your dogs and it’s so good to have you back on QVC.
    Carole Serbie xx

  5. deb flint July 9, 2010 at 12:36 am -  Reply

    Hi ladies! Thanks so much for your kind comments!
    – Carole – sounds like Zara is much like Patch! It’s heart-warming when they take the little ones under their wing isn’t it! Yes I would much like to see your facebook vids! Will ask Lauren the lady who looks after my blog, to forward me your info!
    – Debi – Monty sounds lovely – he’s actually Holly’s age – although I think Holly’s a bit of a Dorian Gray – she’s so energetic still!
    – Marg – pics of Patch on their way on next blog, just for you! You’re right tho, she’s adorable and very gentle! Soppy as anything!
    – Heidi – hands full? I’ll say! Like you, I had pups around me (albeit poodle!) when I was growing up – hence my ambition to do some more breeding. Holly’s first litter included Patch all those years ago! The kids remember it fondly.
    Thanks everyone – hope you enjoy the update!

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