Simon Biagi

Simon Biagi

From investigating paranormal activity, to hosting debates on BBC1’s The Heaven and Earth Show, Simon Biagi’s TV career certainly hasn’t been boring! Known for being GMTV’s first weatherman, Simon’s presented weather from a bathtub of milk, a tank of sharks and the top of Sydney bridge – he says he’s daft enough to try most things.

He shares his Italian grandfather’s surname, but considers himself a Scot. He lives in Buckinghamshire with his family.

  • Which is the best…?

    I like a Christmas sweater! And this year I got one that really lit the studio up. But I’m having a bit of a debate which is the best. What…

  • My daughter’s hair cut for charity

    My daughter has finally had her hair cut off to raise money for the Little Princess Trust charity. They provide real hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls…

  • Halo – let it shine!

    With our lives ever-dependent on rechargeable devices, such as phones, tablets and readers, there is an increasing chance that you will see that very frustrating ‘battery low’ symbol and start…

  • My Christmas wishlist!

    I have been thinking for quite a long time as to how I could help my special lady out when it comes to making sure I get just the present…

  • My Dash Cam!

    Ever since someone ran into my new car, caused loads of damage and then blamed me(!) I have had a Dash Cam. It’s a camera that continually records your journey…

  • Decagon 1 revealed

    If you have followed QVC for a while, you will have noticed that the pictures of jewellery have become somewhat amazing! Our camerawoman (and now Decagon Captain!) Karen has been…

  • Jammy!

    My fruit trees are finally productive! I must have planted them 4-5 years ago and they have, so far, been a bit underwhelming. This year I have had a glut (or…

  • Cat Joy!

    Either my cat (Lucky) has a bad back, is trying to prevent getting a bad back, or is just a chancer! But lately she will not stop using my BackJoy….

  • I may have caught the camping bug!

    It was only just a few weeks since I last went camping and I went again, this time with kids, dogs and my wife! We went back to the same…

  • Carry on Camping….. in Norfolk

    My wife had to work covering holidays, and so with her at work for a whole week, I took a few days off from the Q and planned to take…

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