Simon Biagi

Simon Biagi

From investigating paranormal activity, to hosting debates on BBC1’s The Heaven and Earth Show, Simon Biagi’s TV career certainly hasn’t been boring! Known for being GMTV’s first weatherman, Simon’s presented weather from a bathtub of milk, a tank of sharks and the top of Sydney bridge – he says he’s daft enough to try most things.

He shares his Italian grandfather’s surname, but considers himself a Scot. He lives in Buckinghamshire with his family.

  • Finally announcing my competition winner

    Thank you to all the people who entered my Beauty Bioscience R45 competition. Jamie O’Banion who was with me for a fabulous sell out offer, says hi to you all….

  • Our Beauty Bioscience offer and competition

    I had the pleasure of working with Jamie O’Banion from Beauty Bioscience in the summer, and was rather impressed with the science behind their range. She and her Dad, Dr. Terry…

  • Upgrading my Dyson to an absolute Animal

    It was in 2011 that I got my brand new Dyson stick vacuum, the DC35, and thought ‘it was heaven on a stick’. Well after many years of constant use,…

  • Get the right gear

    As I may have mentioned in the past, ladders and I don’t get on very well! In actual fact, that’s not correct… I have been forced to use some old…

  • Blitz the green stuff!

    I have, as you know, if you watch any of the gardening or DIY shows, been a fan of Wet and Forget for many years. Their products have saved me…

  • Smoothie success

    We were recently very lucky, in the Presenter area, to be able to try the Nutribullet smoothie machine! As you may know I start most days with some sort of…

  • Skincare goes scientific

    As a scientist I love to talk to skincare experts about the technology and science behind their brand, which is why when Nicola from the Deciem brand comes in, it’s…

  • Get steamy!

    If you’ve been watching QVC for a while, you’ll know that I am very keen on my shirts! However, I’m not so keen on ironing them which is why I…

  • Looking after the birds this New Year

    I always try to leave a few seeds and berries on the plants in my garden, to help the birds find food in the colder months of the year. The…

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