Jilly Halliday

Jilly Halliday

The daughter of jazz drummer Syd Halliday, Jilly began her career as a professional dancer. Having appeared in West End musicals – and sung in a girl band – she moved into journalism, writing reviews and articles for top London newspapers. From there she dived into the world of television and has been presenting on QVC since 1994. Jilly also regularly presents for many corporate magazine programmes and appears in training films for blue chip companies, as well as working as a voiceover artist.

  • Feeling Christmassy!

    Well I am truly into the Christmas spirit now after my Deck the Halls Christmas hour on Wednesday night. I don’t know what happened, I just suddenly clicked into that…

  • My winter memories

    Hi everyone, Jilly here, I have to be honest, I’m not really a fan of the winter months as I seem to get a cold very easily and my nose…

  • My most embarrassing QVC moment

    Hi everyone, I hate to say it but I burped live on air! It just popped out and was so loud that all the camera men fell about laughing. My…

  • My birthday weekend

    Hi everyone, Last weekend was my birthday, and I had a great time. It was on the Saturday and there I was at midnight with the crew singing ‘Happy Birthday’…

  • Halloween fun and games

    Hi everyone!I love Halloween as it’s a chance to have parties for the kids and dress up. We usually have some of the children’s friends round and play party games….

  • Fashion flashback!

    Hello everyone! As you may have guessed, it’s me in this photo! I was five years old at the time. When I was younger I used to love all things…

  • Have a peek inside my make-up bag!

    Hi everyone I don’t tend to keep much in my make-up bag as I hardly wear any make-up when I’m not on camera. However, I do have a make-up box…

  • Summer fashion tips

    Hi everyone! I love summer holidays but sometimes choosing the right things to wear can be a bit of a dilemma! Here’s my advice on how to dress for the…

  • Take a peek inside my dressing room

    Hello and welcome! I share this room with Alison Young… We presenters have recently been moved to new dressing rooms and Alison and I were the last two to move…

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