Simon Biagi

Simon Biagi

From investigating paranormal activity, to hosting debates on BBC1’s The Heaven and Earth Show, Simon Biagi’s TV career certainly hasn’t been boring! Known for being GMTV’s first weatherman, Simon’s presented weather from a bathtub of milk, a tank of sharks and the top of Sydney bridge – he says he’s daft enough to try most things.

He shares his Italian grandfather’s surname, but considers himself a Scot. He lives in Buckinghamshire with his family.

  • Take a look at the family kittens

    Some of you may remember that my family got a couple of kittens in the summer last year. My son named them Scooby (ginger boy) and Ruby (tabby girl), and wow…

  • What’s made of silver and lasts all day?

    Answer: QVC’s Silver Day! On Wednesday and Thursday of this week we had a preview for 600 customers of what was coming up on Silver Day this Sunday 15th March….

  • Meet the Q-Voyager crew

    Watch this video and meet the latest Q-Voyager crew. To see some of the footage of the films we’ve made, simply search for Q-Voyager on the US website – the shows are…

  • My final day in Turkey: The jewellery factory

    We visited the jewellery factory, Atasay, first thing this morning. This is Turkey’s largest jewellery company and it was interesting to be guided around. The company’s Vice President showed us round and…

  • Turkey day 4: The Temple of Artemis

    Thank goodness we had yesterday, yesterday! We woke up to a really cold and powerfully blustery wind, having had a gloriously sunny day the day before. We were in a coastal hotel…

  • Turkey day 3: The ancient site of Ephesus

    We had an early start to travel south east to Izmir and then on to the ancient site of Ephesus. With the exception of Pompeii, this is the largest and best…

  • My first day in Istanbul

    I met the crew bright and early at the hotel to find that it may have been early but it wasn't that bright! I don't know why but I expected…

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