Pipa Gordon

Pipa Gordon

Pipa has many strings to her bow. Mum to Myles and Ophelia, she runs an online magazine for women, is not only seen on air here at QVC but also heard regularly on BBC radio, spotted in hundreds of NHS centres across the UK hosting parenting documentaries, is a popular speaker for seminars and events but most of all, loves being Mum and menagerie keeper (… chickens coming next!).

She’s convinced her genetic make-up has something to do with her busy lifestyle. She is number two of four children, her mum was a dress maker, her father a Gurkha officer, her grandmother was RAF and also used to race cars at Brooklands and her step-grandmother typed up Roald Dahl’s manuscripts… all contributing to Pipa’s colourful passions and ambitions in life.

  • Pipa Gordon in France

    Bring on February

    Hi all, How are you managing to get through January? We are sooo nearly there!  I can’t say it’s my favourite month of the year to be honest, I think…

  • 5 ways to feel on top in 2017

    Earlier this year, in one of the comment sections below one of my blogs, a lovely lady called Suzanne asked me if I would do one on coping with mid…

  • Merry Christmas to one and all!

    Here we are with less than seven days to go, and I think I’m on top of things… I think! As I sit here typing, there are presents wrapped under…

  • Pipa Gordon with dog

    The most beautiful time of the year!

    Hi there friends, I know we are piling toward Christmas at a pace but I have to say, I’m hanging on to Autumn at the same time as some years…

  • Pipa Gordon Brands Hatch

    Behind the scenes at Brands Hatch

    You might notice in the future that between 6am and 7am we will be featuring some slightly different ways of showing you some products on QVC rather than a repeated show….

  • Pipa Gordon

    My favourite things this month

    Autumn is absolutely stunning this year isn’t it?  I think it’s because we had a semi-decent summer that all the leaves are such exotic shades of autumnal loveliness. What makes…

  • Celebrating a 13th an 8th and a 5th!

    Last weekend we had my son’s 13th birthday followed by my stepson’s 8th. It was a weekend packed full with wrapping, cooking, baking and general chaos. If you’re with me…

  • Pipa Gordon

    Beautiful Beth!

    So for those of you who read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I got my first horse earlier this year in February, the lovely Beth. Having grown up around…

  • Pipa Gordon

    The Time Has Come…

    Many of you have been asking about the jewellery I have been wearing both on and off air over the summer and you’ve had to wait patiently to get your…

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