Pipa Gordon

Pipa Gordon

Pipa has many strings to her bow. Mum to Myles and Ophelia, she runs an online magazine for women, is not only seen on air here at QVC but also heard regularly on BBC radio, spotted in hundreds of NHS centres across the UK hosting parenting documentaries, is a popular speaker for seminars and events but most of all, loves being Mum and menagerie keeper (… chickens coming next!).

She’s convinced her genetic make-up has something to do with her busy lifestyle. She is number two of four children, her mum was a dress maker, her father a Gurkha officer, her grandmother was RAF and also used to race cars at Brooklands and her step-grandmother typed up Roald Dahl’s manuscripts… all contributing to Pipa’s colourful passions and ambitions in life.

  • Pipa Gordon family Christmas photo 2

    A selfie, a wooden soldier and a Stetson!

    I had my hair done today and the first question was “So, are you all set for Christmas?”… and for once, I think I nearly am!! Previously I’ve always enjoyed…

  • Pipa Gordon's son's birthday exploding candle

    The not so Great British Bake Off!

    Firstly, well done Nancy, such a well deserved winner. We had been routing for Richard the builder as his efforts were always so surprising and his attention to detail so…

  • Pipa Gordon Daughter wearing a Beely Olaf pendant

    Do You Wanna Build A Snowman …. ?

    I don’t know about you but being a Pixar family, we came rather late to the Frozen party! For those of you who don’t know, it’s been the Disney hit…

  • Pipa playing with her daughter

    Back in the swing of things…

    So after all the wonderful wedding happenings of the summer we are back into the swing of things! I can’t say I’m not glad to have a bit of routine…

  • QVC's Pipa Gordon with her Wedding Guests

    We did it!

    Despite the fact that I was still running around an hour before the service, with not a scrap of make up on and my hair carelessly thrown up in a…

  • Pipa Gordon at John Freida Hair Salon LS

    Nearly there, 22 years after we first met

    It’s now 24 hours and counting! I’ve just left the John Frieda salon where the fabulous Kevin styled my hair for tomorrow. Typically it was pouring with rain as soon…

  • No Tarts With tarte!

    Here we are once again in June, celebrating Beauty Month and the sun is ACTUALLY shining a fair amount too! Marvellous! So, as you may have noticed across all the…


    There's nothing like missing out on all the action is there?? Last weekend, we went off to see a matinee performance at our local theatre starring lots of our school…


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