Pipa Gordon

Pipa Gordon

Pipa has many strings to her bow. Mum to Myles and Ophelia, she runs an online magazine for women, is not only seen on air here at QVC but also heard regularly on BBC radio, spotted in hundreds of NHS centres across the UK hosting parenting documentaries, is a popular speaker for seminars and events but most of all, loves being Mum and menagerie keeper (… chickens coming next!).

She’s convinced her genetic make-up has something to do with her busy lifestyle. She is number two of four children, her mum was a dress maker, her father a Gurkha officer, her grandmother was RAF and also used to race cars at Brooklands and her step-grandmother typed up Roald Dahl’s manuscripts… all contributing to Pipa’s colourful passions and ambitions in life.

  • Pipa Gordon OPI

    It’s always tea time in Wonderland!

    What a fabulous surprise it was to come into work last week to be greeted by the OPI team saying “would you like us to do your nails?” I so…

  • Feat pic R

    An Easter smile

    Hi all I seem to have blinked and Easter has appeared, not that I mind as with all the daffodils everywhere, it really is quite a delight AND the sun…

  • Feat pic

    An updated top 10

    Hi all, So last week I did a Facebook webchat and for an hour I typed as fast as I could, answering all sorts of questions about this that and…

  • Pic 3

    A new member of the family

    The weather has certainly not made it easy, however this week we have taken on a new clan member, Beth. Having grown up next to a Lipizzaner stud farm (the…

  • Pipa Gordon

    We Toured Strictly on Tour!

    Like many other families in the UK, we are huge Strictly Come Dancing fans and so this year we decided to get tickets to go and see the live tour….

  • Cathedral

    In Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire …

    …There were no hurricanes but boy did it rain!! We just had a sneaky overnight break in Herefordshire which was glorious. I ran around like a mad thing on Saturday…

  • Pipa Gordon Simon Webbe

    Tarte Winner Announcement and Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone! That’s me done at Q Towers until 30th December, I think my throat just about managed to hold up for my last 2 shows yesterday, this dreaded…

  • Pipa Gordon

    One for Me, One for You…

    Hi all, I’ve just celebrated my birthday this week and it was one of those years that was particularly special. Not because of any number or reason, it just was…

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