Pipa Gordon

Pipa Gordon

Pipa has many strings to her bow. Mum to Myles and Ophelia, she runs an online magazine for women, is not only seen on air here at QVC but also heard regularly on BBC radio, spotted in hundreds of NHS centres across the UK hosting parenting documentaries, is a popular speaker for seminars and events but most of all, loves being Mum and menagerie keeper (… chickens coming next!).

She’s convinced her genetic make-up has something to do with her busy lifestyle. She is number two of four children, her mum was a dress maker, her father a Gurkha officer, her grandmother was RAF and also used to race cars at Brooklands and her step-grandmother typed up Roald Dahl’s manuscripts… all contributing to Pipa’s colourful passions and ambitions in life.

  • Pipa and her kids

    Catch up time…

    Having had a couple of weeks off at the end of August for moving house, I then got a lurgy and suddenly here we are almost at the end of…

  • NEXXUS Products


    It’s been a bit busy these last few months and I’ve not had the chance to go to the salon as I usually would when my ‘old lady hair’ starts…

  • Pipa and her painting

    Our Great British Village Fayre

    You may know I am good friends with our lovely QVC guest Beverley Cressman. We live not far from each other in Warwickshire and just last week she asked me…

  • Pipa feat pic

    Four Days Away and a Funeral

    Cor it’s been an up and down of a couple of weeks! We have just celebrated our first anniversary and so managed to sneak away for 4 days which was…

  • Pipa in Devon

    40 40 SAVE ALL!

    We have just spent a wonderful few days down in Devon visiting friends and even though it was grey and rainy most of the time, we weren’t deterred from exploring…

  • blog 2 crop


    Last week we were heading out, car loaded with children, dog, wellies, picnic, general garb that the family requires and as I closed the front door behind me and walked…

  • Pipa and her daughter

    Let The Sun Shine!

    For once in our lives, last weekend we had no plans and so when we heard the weather was going to be great, we booked ourselves into a campsite not…

  • Pipa in the rain

    I seem to be getting a bit wet of late…

    It’s bucketing down as I type (hence the pic under my Lulu Guinness brolly!!). However, yesterday was utterly gorgeous and perfect as we had planned to sneak a spa day…

  • Laura Geller competition prize


    Well I have rather slim pickings to choose from when it comes to sharing pictures with you this week as a couple of weeks ago I had quite a mishap!…

  • Pipa on set

    Our May Jewellery Icon

    I don’t know about you but we are HUGE ‘Strictly’ fans at home. The dancing, the music, the humour, the competition, the personalities – there’s so much to enjoy! But…

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