Miceal Murphy

Miceal Murphy

Once described by Glamour magazine as ‘the most dapper man on TV’, Miceal is a man of many talents. In his time working for RTE – the Irish national broadcaster – he interviewed Hollywood celebrities and global popstars, helped raise money for charity through antique auctions, reviewed soaps and films, and even appeared on the red carpet at world premieres.

Miceal is also a trained chocolatier and our resident chocolate expert, and a skilled fashion stylist. His work has appeared in Italian Vogue, and he is now a mentor on Styling for Television to students at the London College of Style.

  • The Scent Diary

    I passed a woman on the street today, nothing strange about that I hear you say, but what was unusual was that I couldn't stop sniffing the air because of her…

  • Real men moisturise too… don’t they?

    So here's the thing, I was at dinner with some friends recently (it was another 40th birthday dinner – there seems to be a lot of those at the moment!)…

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    Finally, I managed to book a driving lesson for myself. After much faffing and procrastinating I took the plunge. I had all kinds of great plans for researching the best…

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    Wonderland What a week this has been for music on QVC! On Tuesday I was chatting to the new girl band 'Wonderland' who came in to sing some tracks from…

  • Watching TV is Acer!

    As far as I was aware, Acer, a brand well known to many of you on QVC, design computers and especially laptops. So, it was a surprise to me when I…

  • A royal insight from royal insiders

    Andrew Morton, famous for his explosive biography 'Diana: Her True Story' published back in 1992, has moved his attention to the younger generation of royals and has written his latest…

  • Plane stressful

    For the first time in quite some time, I am lucky enough to be getting a week off and am heading to New York with my mum and my sister…

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