Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

One of the first two QVC presenters seen on screen back in October 1993, Julia combines her TV appearances with voice-over work, writing a book, keeping fit and watching her team Crystal Palace play. Her TV career kicked off in 1979 with parts in Citizen Smith and Dr. Who, and she eventually became a familiar face on TV after appearing in a number of commercials. Julia started presenting at the 1989 Motorshow in London, and soon had her own magazine-style programme on cable television, covering current affairs, entertainment and sport. She’s also formed her own production company, and has written two novels.

  • A first for me

    I’m sure many of you will have tried detoxing before, as a way to cleanse your body after the excesses of Christmas and New Year, but, I must confess, I…

  • Our 40th year!

    Yesterday, Chris and I celebrated our 39th anniversary of living together – so we have now entered our 40th year. I’m looking forward to some rubies next January… maybe mixed…

  • Baby it’s cold outside

    I guess we’ve been pretty lucky with the weather so far this winter, so we can’t complain about the snow that has arrived this week. I hope you are keeping…

  • New Year resolve

    I don’t know about you, but I stopped making New Year resolutions several years ago, and instead make a list of things I would like to achieve in the year…

  • Another year almost done!

    Firstly, I hope you all had a good Christmas, were able to enjoy some time off from work, and appreciated what Santa brought you. I was a very lucky girl….

  • From my house to yours

    Well Christmas is almost upon us and I just wanted to thank everybody who has read and responded to my blog over the past year – I love reading your…

  • The brightest smile

    This time last week, instead of sitting in my dressing gown writing my blog, I was at Regent’s Park for the Rotary Purple4Polio final crocus planting session. Unlike today, which…

  • I love purple

    A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I had some exciting news regarding the colour purple. Well now, finally, I can announce that I have become an ambassador for…

  • The winter lurgy

    I suppose it was inevitable that I would get the winter, lurgy living in such close proximity to someone who came down with it two weeks ago. Last week I…

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