Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

One of the first two QVC presenters seen on screen back in October 1993, Julia combines her TV appearances with voice-over work, writing a book, keeping fit and watching her team Crystal Palace play. Her TV career kicked off in 1979 with parts in Citizen Smith and Dr. Who, and she eventually became a familiar face on TV after appearing in a number of commercials. Julia started presenting at the 1989 Motorshow in London, and soon had her own magazine-style programme on cable television, covering current affairs, entertainment and sport. She’s also formed her own production company, and has written two novels.

  • B&W cookies

    More celebrations

    Firstly, I hope you enjoyed the Butler & Wilson 20th Anniversary shows as much as I did. There was a slight change to the plan as Charlie was unable to…

  • Butler and Wilson anniversary

    Twenty Years On

    Where have the last twenty years gone? It seems impossible that over the next couple of days we will be celebrating not one but two 20th Anniversaries with QVC, Butler…

  • Vitamix 804419

    The Vitamix in action

    I was a little late to the party when it came to Vitamix. Charlie has had his for ages and was always raving about how brilliant it was so he persuaded…

  • Cake

    Frantic Friday

    The Bangles may have had Manic Monday but I always have Frantic Fridays, today even more so than usual! As I sit here writing at 11am, I have already baked…

  • Packaging

    What is in the boxes?

    Although I haven’t been on air at QVC, I’ve had another busy week, starting with last Saturday. I was planning to visit Daniel in Swansea, as he hadn’t been feeling…

  • Butler & Wilson competition prize

    Spotlight on Jewellery

    Due to its popularity earlier in the year, the Spotlight on Jewellery series of shows returns to QVC at 6pm this evening, but before I talk about that I wanted…

  • Garden furniture

    Your garden needs it

    Looking out of my window this morning I can hardly believe it’s July and, having watched the weather forecast last night, it looks look we have a pretty rough couple…

  • Gorgeous wilfie

    Full of admiration

    Until this past week I must confess I never really realised just how much hard work it is to be a full-time carer. I’m exhausted after a week of looking…

  • Holiday feet (featured)

    Really chuffed

    It’s difficult to describe how thrilled I felt when this picture appeared on Facebook earlier in the week. These are not my legs and feet, it’s not my holiday but…

  • Fireplace before

    Befores and Afters

    About a month ago I was telling you about the saga with the new wardrobes for our bedroom. At the time I also mentioned that we had bought an old…

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