Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

One of the first two QVC presenters seen on screen back in October 1993, Julia combines her TV appearances with voice-over work, writing a book, keeping fit and watching her team Crystal Palace play. Her TV career kicked off in 1979 with parts in Citizen Smith and Dr. Who, and she eventually became a familiar face on TV after appearing in a number of commercials. Julia started presenting at the 1989 Motorshow in London, and soon had her own magazine-style programme on cable television, covering current affairs, entertainment and sport. She’s also formed her own production company, and is writing a novel.

  • CPFC vs SCFC

    Twice in two days

    I haven’t been to Selhurst Park as much as I would have liked this season but I made up for it last week with two visits in two days. Sunday…

  • QVC gang

    Girls’ (and boys’) night out

    It’s been another crazily busy week for me both on and off air. It all started with a group of us from QVC going to watch Lulu in concert at…

  • Cat

    The Red Cat

    Our daughter Sophie has lots of pet names for her ginger cat, Milo – gingey, shmoo moo, mimu… the list goes on – and Chris has a few choice names…

  • Garden collage

    The click of a button

    I think we would all agree it has been a pretty momentous week for the country as a whole but for me personally I have achieved another dream, which I…

  • photo

    Life’s a Beach and Then…

    Having just come back from holiday this seemed an appropriate title for my blog this week particularly as it is also the title of my novel, the full cover of…

  • Ultimate selfie

    The ultimate selfie?

    Firstly, thanks so much for all your heart warming messages on last week’s blog and apologies for not replying yet but I have been up to my neck in proof…

  • JR feat image

    All My Christmases At Once

    I’ve entitled my blog All My Christmases At Once because I noticed that my Christmas cactus, which wasn’t in flower at Christmas, has a bloom on it … in April!…

  • Stretch hose

    Delivery for Julia

    I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend? Although I was working I did manage to have some family time, which was especially nice as Daniel had come home…

  • Julia by the shore

    Easter already

    Oh my goodness, where is this year going? I can’t believe it’s already April and Easter this weekend. The way my schedule has fallen means I will be with you…

  • Flowers in fireplace

    Flower Power

    I hope Richard Jackson won’t mind me borrowing the name of his fabulous plant food for my blog this week but it seemed very appropriate particularly as spring seems to…

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