Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

One of the first two QVC presenters seen on screen back in October 1993, Julia combines her TV appearances with voice-over work, writing a book, keeping fit and watching her team Crystal Palace play. Her TV career kicked off in 1979 with parts in Citizen Smith and Dr. Who, and she eventually became a familiar face on TV after appearing in a number of commercials. Julia started presenting at the 1989 Motorshow in London, and soon had her own magazine-style programme on cable television, covering current affairs, entertainment and sport. She’s also formed her own production company, and is writing a novel.

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    Variety is the spice of life

    Well there has certainly been plenty of variety in my life this week, starting off with Sunday lunch at a local pub with the children, my friend Denise, from my…

  • Jemma Forte and Julia

    Busier than when I’m working!

    So, I’ve taken three weeks off QVC to re-charge my batteries and have a bit of ‘me’ time and so far I’ve been busier than when I go to work!…

  • header

    Normal service is resumed

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like I’m living in a bit of a bubble over the Christmas and New Year period, and normality only returns when…

  • Julia

    A new chapter

    At the start of each new year I always feel like it is opening a book at the first page. None of us knows what lies ahead in the story…

  • Julias cat

    Well done JR!

    No, I’m not giving myself a pat on the back, I am congratulating the winner of my Liz Earle Superskin Collection competition who just happens to have the same initials…

  • Superskin Collection

    If you love Liz Earle…

    As promised in Friday’s blog post I have a little treat for those of you who love Liz Earle products, particularly if you haven’t tried the new Superskin with Neroli….

  • photo


    My week so far has been dominated by the charity bake sale I held on Tuesday for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. I love baking but I’m not used to doing…

  • Cats on the windowsill

    Dress rehearsal

    Years ago, around this time, the title of my blog, dress rehearsal, might well have referred to pantomimes. I only ever did four; one at the City Varieties Theatre in…

  • Gatineau - 206396

    The sofa saga

    As you know if you have been reading my blog for the last couple of weeks, we are making a few changes to the house to get it Christmas-ready. We…

  • Image collage

    Early Christmas presents

    I know it is still almost five weeks to Christmas but I couldn’t resist giving Wilfie and Milo their Christmas presents a bit early. I have been saying for months…

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