Claire Sutton

Claire Sutton

Following a three-year training course in dance and drama, Claire Sutton was propelled into the heady, hectic world of showbusiness. She’s enjoyed a successful and long-lasting career as a dancer, model and presenter, and has a wide range of commercials and theatre stints under her belt. One of the bubbliest members of the crew, Claire joined QVC in September 1997 – and she’s enjoyed several momentous occasions during her time here. She’s married to Daniel and has three children Thomas, Joseph, and Madelaine.

  • The end of a chapter

    It’s all over… Tom’s school career has come to an end and I feel as though the tightrope on the high wire has been stretched far into the distance and…

  • Claire Sutton's family

    Bedding down and summer activities

    Oh my goodness me, I have ‘possibly’ seen the light… after being with Dan for 22 years and with the running joke in the family being “Claire thinks the outside…

  • Birthday countdown

    The countdown to a big birthday

    Nine days and counting… one day and counting… Tom’s light box reflected his countdown to the big birthday. He was 16 on the 4th of May, or Star Wars day as he…

  • Claire Sutton with competition prize

    And the winner is…

    OVERWHELMED, OVERCOME, and… OVER THE HILL!!!!! Never! But the first two kind of sum up the current situation! Blimey, it was truly fantastic, all of it! From the party I…

  • Speedy super beauty with Sarah Chapman

    Anyone sitting there with oodles of spare time? Yup, thought as much, though I do wonder sometimes if I have become so accustomed to the busyness of life that I…

  • Claire Sutton

    February disappears in a flash

    It’s always a surprise to me that February disappears in a flash as it’s  only a couple of days less than four of our months anyway but it appears to…

  • The month of love

    ‘Tis the month of love… and my love affair continues (and this time I’m not talking about Dan!). My love is… a beauty Pick of the Month again. For those…

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