Claire Sutton

Claire Sutton

Following a three-year training course in dance and drama, Claire Sutton was propelled into the heady, hectic world of showbusiness. She’s enjoyed a successful and long-lasting career as a dancer, model and presenter, and has a wide range of commercials and theatre stints under her belt. One of the bubbliest members of the crew, Claire joined QVC in September 1997 – and she’s enjoyed several momentous occasions during her time here. She’s married to Daniel and has three children Thomas, Joseph, and Madelaine.

  • Glowpad

    Glowpads for all ages!

    Well so much for me thinking the Glowpads Today’s Special Value would be “just” for the little ones and that my, not so little ones wouldn’t be interested… I casually…

  • Claire Sutton

    A November natter and Decleor delights

    I don’t know where the time has flown to I really don’t. I have just sat down to write to you and made a perfect cup of tea, bearing in…

  • Claire Sutton

    Nice (and not so nice) things!

    Hello to you all, hope all is well with you and all yours! We are all doing okay this end. In fact I had a stupendous treatment called Amatsu this…

  • I’m back!

    HOOOOOOORAY! I’m back,  and with letters after my name… well my ankle at least! ATFL,CFL,PTFL… who would have thought the little old ankle had so much going on inside of…

  • Joe

    Still flat-out!

    It’s been so lovely reading your replies on my last blog (if you missed it and have been wondering where on earth I am… catch up here). Honestly it appears…

  • Netball

    From Fitness to Flat-out!

    So… how many times do we wish for time to ourselves? “If only I didn’t have to do X and could just do Y”. Well right now it appears I…

  • Claire Sutton

    Meeting old friends and celebrating bithdays

    Thirty years ago, THIRTY years ago… I can’t believe that it was (yes I shall say it again…) THIRTY YEARS AGO that I graduated from Laine Theatre Arts. That vibrant, competitive,…

  • Convertible

    Topless driving! And brows…

    After nearly 17 years of marriage it has happened… his head has been turned, and his beautiful blue eyes, the eyes that were only for me now sparkle at the mere…

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