Catherine Huntley

Catherine Huntley

From appearing as a four-year-old ‘living doll’ to being a rollerskating pink elephant for Comic Relief, Catherine has enjoyed a varied career in the entertainment world. Somehow, amidst all this activity, she found time to develop her most cherished role yet – being a mother to Thomas and Christina. Together, they love to go ice skating and on days out enjoy white knuckle theme park rides!

  • PixieCat

    Mum, Chez Huntley and our feline contingent

    Hi everyone! Long time no blog, but I hope you’ll forgive as I’ve been busier than ever before in my life. First things first: my mum. She has been making…

  • header

    Healthier by the day!

    So many of you wrote to me in response to my last blog about my mum and her remarkable bouncebackability. I read every single message out to her and they…

  • header

    My mum, the miraculous Minion

    Hi everyone. I have been AWOL from my blog, Twitter and the TV screen for the past couple of weeks. I’ve also been absent from my building site and pretty…

  • image1 edit

    FYI, HP TSV is A-OK!

    Let me explain that a little further. Sunday’s laptop Today’s Special Value offer from HP is more than just ‘a-OK’, it’s brilliant! My son turned 23 last month. I asked him…

  • Bose mini sound dock

    Music and memories

    Hi everyone, If you’re a regular viewer or reader of my blog you will know I’ve been redesigning, remodelling and renovating a house which is to become the Chez Huntley…

  • Alison Keenan and her husband

    Where’s the summer gone?

    In fact, where has this year gone? That’s what I want to know! So much has happened and it seems to have all been at a 100 mph, full throttle…

  • IMG_3195a

    What a week for Clogau!

    Hi everyone, hope you’re having a great week. If you’re having as good a time as Clogau have then you’ll be positively ecstatic! This week I was fortunate enough to…

  • 3 edit

    My new favourite snack!

    Hi all, I hope you’re enjoying May. So much to see on QVC! Jewellery Month has had so much to offer and it’s far from over. Look out for the…

  • header

    Getting plastered!

    That got your attention, didn’t it? Well, I don’t mean me. The first room at the future Chez Huntley is what I’m referring to. This is where a building site…

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