Catherine Huntley

Catherine Huntley

From appearing as a four-year-old ‘living doll’ to being a rollerskating pink elephant for Comic Relief, Catherine has enjoyed a varied career in the entertainment world. Somehow, amidst all this activity, she found time to develop her most cherished role yet – being a mother to Thomas and Christina. Together, they love to go ice skating and on days out enjoy white knuckle theme park rides!

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    The wanderer returns…

    I’ve been less seen on screen over the last couple of weeks as I booked off my remaining holiday allowance for this year in order to throw myself into working…

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    Need I say anything more to get your attention? Of course not. Now that you’re here I’m delighted to share something wonderful with you. A fantastic chocolate truffle recipe… “But,…

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    From health to hashtags!

    So many of you have kept an eye on my weight loss/healthy lifestyle progress and have been asking when you can get the book that I’ve achieved success with. Well,…

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    Twelfth night has been and gone…

    I’m a little sad about it as I love keeping the sparkle and twinkle up for as long as I possibly can. Still, there’s plenty to keep me busy and…

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    It’s Technology and You time!

    Happy New Year! Also, I’m thrilled to say, Happy New Season of Technology and You! I love presenting this show as it really has helped a lot of people who…

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    A Jewellery Icon for January

    Hi everyone, What a wonderful festive season it has been. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and are looking forward to the brand new year ahead. I have great news for…

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