Alison Keenan

Alison Keenan

Alison has been with QVC since 2000 but before then she was doing everything and anything in TV from script writing, creating programme ideas and working as a professional voice-over artist to presenting Granada’s daytime show ‘This Morning’.

She has three grown-up children and off screen she enjoys spending time with them and her partner Colin, good food, music and the odd glass of wine!

  • Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show models on the catwalk

    Fun at the Breast Cancer Care Fashion show

    Even though it’s been well over 12 hours since I got home from the Breast Cancer Afternoon Show yesterday, I am still buzzing from the excitement of it all! It…

  • Kathy Tayler and Alison

    Our Greek holiday with the Taylers!

    It’s hard to believe that this time last week I was sitting with Jack, Colin, Kathy Tayler and her family looking out across a beautiful bay and enjoying a fabulous…

  • Portmerion Bay

    Visiting Wales and the mystery revealed!

    Here’s hoping you’re having a fabulous Friday, and will enjoy the weekend ahead. Thank you Soooooo much for all the responses and imaginative guesses for my ‘seasonal sound’. I realise it…

  • My trip to the US of A! (part 3)

    Another week’s passed and I still don’t have my iPad, but we do still have this glorious weather – although I have to admit to finding the storms a little…

  • My trip to the US of A! (part two)

    Hello there, how was your weekend?  Bit of a wash-out here, which was such a disappointment to the endless numbers of folk who’d organised Street Parties and Summer Fetes! Thank Heavens…

  • My trip to the US of A! (part one)

    Howdy! I've just been smirking at the heading of my last blog – should have known that as soon as I left British soil the weather would change! I am…

  • Escaping the rainy weather

    “Good heavens, is it ever going to stop raining?!” I overheard these words as I sloshed through a maze of puddles on the Chiswick High Road, while wearing a large plastic…

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