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July 10, 2012

Let it never be said that the rain stopped play!!

Pipa and LuluThis last weekend, Ali Young, myself and some infamous characters (Dickie included) from QVC backstage went off in black tie to Henley Festival as guests of Lulu to watch her perform with Blue and don her Comic Relief dancing shoes once more with Peridot... she's just amazing!

The energy she exudes on stage is something else... even the drunken 20 something fools to our right (I can think of other far better descriptive words for them but I will save your eyes and ears!!) were amazed at her!

By the way, she has a fabulous Today's Special Value coming up on Thursday too! (July 12th)



Henley FestivalI don't think I've been to Henley for at least 25 years, although much of my childhood was spent there. I was born there, both my grandparents lived there and my parents married there when I was a just a mere speck in their eye.

So it was lovely to visit and take pictures, despite the incessant rainfall which quite honestly I rather enjoyed!

Let's face it, you can't really have a British music festival without wearing wellies can you? Even if you are dressed in black tie! Mind you saying that, come 10pm I was ready for a cup of tea to warm my bones (I know, shocking but true). So Ali and I found ourselves hot drinks whilst the others continued with the champagne!

Pipa's daughter

I guess we've all had to adapt to the rain this year. We've had sports day cancelled, re-instated, moved, cancelled and re-instated again! We had the school BBQ (which I do the music/compering for) also dodging between the clouds.

I even managed to get the children to a local classic car show this weekend, although we spent most of the time handling reptiles - I'm getting closer and closer to giving in to their want of a bearded dragon each! Dare I ??




Pipa at the Henley Festival

Back to Lulu's night though. At dinner, Ali Young showed a pic of her new kitten and after saying that I couldn't replace Bootsie, I totally fell in love - and Mouse (Ali's kitten) as luck would have it, has a brother yet to be homed, so he's coming to us and is going to be called Ratty ... I had to!

Mouse and Ratty! Mouse catches rats for Ali and Ratty will catch mice for me... see? It works perfectly! lol!

Hope you're keeping your toes dry!

PS) my black tie jewellery (already been asked about on Twitter and Facebook) was Dyberg Kern, and the pieces are coming later in the year. Very beautiful!!


Don't forget to tune in to Lulu's TSV this Thursday, 12th July!


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Dear. Pippa,

You are my favourite presenter on QVC by a mile. You are so professional and a natural communicator and presenter and you always look gorgeous. My husband absolutely loves your look. Of late you look even better but I must confess to being a little worried since you are no longer wearing your wedding ring. My friend and I were quite concerned although know that this is very personal we all hope that you and the family are all well.
Best wishes


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Thanks for mentioning Bibi due on this Friday, can't wait ;) .
please tell me where you get your coloured jeans, there a great fit, and I am of small stature at 5ft 1 and barely a size 10 . Its so hard to find a great pair that fits correctly, thanks.


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Hi ladies, thank you for the comments. Andrea, I buy my plain coloured jeans in French Connection usually ...recently I found some fab ones in New Look too so maybe give them a go?? They are super skinny but have loads of stretch so you might find they are perfect ...I hope so!!

Marie, thanks for your lovely comments all so kindly worded ....can I ask you to check out my personal blog at: http://theraphaelproject.com/spaghettiwombers and read the entry on July 19th?

Much love xx

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Hi Pippa

I always read your blog entries but never seem to leave a comment,apart from the one i left you last year, when you went camping, about an item on dragons den about a camping toilet - it was a basic seat with a hole in the middle where you put specially designed bags down and after each visit you replaced the bag and disposed of the old one!! Anyway i just wanted to send you girl power x along with many hugs and a kiss or two - your looking great and i love when you are presenting on QVC, you always come up with great subjects that we can text/phone in with the answers etc - just a random question - do you remember axtec bars? similar to a Mars bar but different - a blast from the past eh! Look after yourself and your lovely children and of course Rattyxx Love Linda,Glasgow xx

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Hello Pipa, I hope you all find peace, contentment and joy in life (if you haven't already). And long may you continue to present at QVC as you are brilliant at it. I always enjoy your shows.
Take good care of yourselves.
Hugs to you and pats to the dog and strokes to the kitten

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hello pipa

I just read your blog but unfortunately can't comment on there because I've forgotton my login details! just wanted to say i love watching you on qvc i have two children too so can relate to stuff you say! you are such a sunny, positive person. good luck with everything


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Pipa - you are my favourite presenter and I love watching all of your shows. Your enthusiam for products such as Lola Rose and Bibi Bijoux are delightful and its obvious that you genuinely adore what you are presenting to the viewers as you do it with such excitement! I love your style and always look forward to watching you on the box. Best wishes! Jx

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Hi Pipa,
So sorry to read your personal blog and realise your news. I don't often get to see your hours though I think you're wonderful both personally and professionally. I also haven't checked the blogs in a while - just Ali's and a couple of others. So sorry to hear of your lovely cat as well but wonderful to learn you are getting Ratty!! You and Claire both have new additions! Wonderful! Animals just add a special something to your life. Much happiness is ahead I hope. I am still in awe of your studies and busy life. I hope you're well. Take care,
Susan x

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Hello Pipa,
I just wanted to ask for the name of the perfume you mentioned on a show you did recently regarding your favourite products. I have real problems finding the right perfume.

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