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March 23, 2010

Lola Rose kicking off Designer Day

Lola Rose Set of 2 Facetted Stone Bracelets with Jewellery Pouch Hello how are you?

Isn't it fabulous to have the warmer weather now? I know we're not quite in our Birkenstocks, but I can feel a good year ahead! I drove by a blanket of crocuses this morning and they were beautiful - ah the joys of spring!

This time of year I can't help myself but have a big clear out! Currently my car boot is full of clothes that we've all grown out of or stopped wearing, and at some stage I will get around to dropping them off at one of the local charity shops...and then have a rummage myself!

I think it's great to have a mix of old and new in our wardobes and someone's rubbish may well be my treasure, so I never miss the opportunity for a good plough through!! Last time I found a whale for Myles, which he adores and a gorgeous Jaegar sweater which, despite the hole in it (I can fix that!), is gorgeous!

On the flip side, I also love to treat myself to something new here and there and when Designer Day (tomorrow) comes along, I like to prick up my ears as we get to indulge in some of our absolute favourites!

Kicking off with the most wonderful TSV from Lola Rose (pictured) on from midnight tonight. I know the designer Nikki is very excited about this one, and you wait until you see it, the entire package is fabulous!

We will also be featuring the likes of Kelly Hoppen, Lulu Guinness and Wearable Art by Bob Mackie (my favourite piece he ever did was the glitter body suit that Cher wore! Ah to be able to get away with that on QVC!)

So, join me at midnight kicking off with Lola Rose, treat yourself to something new, something colourful and maybe pass on something you don't wear any longer to someone else who may treasure it instead.

Lots of love,

Pipa x


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Hi Pipa,

I have been watching you with the Yankee candles and love your top! Is it one from qvc?
Keep up the good work x

Joanne x

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