Pink, Pompoos and “Party Party!”


Jill and Harald What is there not to like!

From the moment I woke I knew the day was going to be a day full of extreme extravavagance, sequins, pink and plenty of surreal madness. Why? Because Harald Gloeckler was my special guest today. How excited was I?!

An extrovert fashion guru who has a wonderful ability not to look out of place whether managing the Birdcage club or headlining in Priscilla - Queen of the Desert, with an incredible quick wit to go with it.

I knew from the moment we met we would have a ball and just get on a treat. He is just adorable, fascinating, interesting, kind and just the man I would love to shop galore with. Well, before I knew it we were going through his wardrobe deciding which of his costumes he should wear on air and I really mean costumes as they had more sequins than some of the costumes on Strictly Come Dancing. I could have taken them all home, in fact I could have taken Harald and his wardrobe home too.

Jill, Harald and his outfit We decided on the pink sequin jacket and the white trousers as the jacket had to be the centre of attention. Well Harald is certainly that in every fabulous way. But not to be missed were his diamond and gem knuckle dusters!

He's an incredibly talented guy with such flair that he makes you feel like a princess within minutes. He's from Berlin and can't even walk the streets of his home town without being stopped by many of his fans.

His jewellery range is a huge success and so was his clothing range launched on the same day. I just loved the way he dressed and styled our beautiful models, a sheer genius born to be different and a cut above the rest.

I knew the show was going to be like no other. From the moment we went live it was one big party, or as Harald would say 'Party Party!' We laughed so much and the best part was kissing him hello many times due to the viewers requests, well so I kept telling him.

Jill and HaraldOne of my favourite parts was giving my husband Larry a message for my Christmas Pompoos purchase. When he went to go and sit with the models on the chaise longue and I joined him and he started to sing 'We are Family', so quick with the humor hits!

The show flew by but for cert I had made a fabulous friend. Come back soon Harald…we love you!

I know you love him too, would love to hear your favourite Pompoos moments.

Jill xx

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