Paperback ‘Diary of a Wannabe…’ , film fest, Radical training with Craigy, & ’12 Angry Men’ on stage!


DaisyThis week –

– Which bird makes this noise (listen to the video)?

– for paperback lovers, Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter is now on Amazon!

– Radical skin secrets for Craigy n me – spot the ghost!

– and the best chick-flick in aaaages – The Other Woman at the movies.

– plus sneaky peeks for Kim and ABC and Wen fans!



BUT FIRST Awwww! How cute is this?! This was Daisy dog’s ‘come on Mum, the rain’s stopping, it’s time for our walk’ look! Kept patting my knee – sooo cute! Have you got a hound like that?

BluebellI do, of course, have just the three Muskehounds now – would you like to meet them? Literally? I’m planning a charity walk in memory of Holly my eldest black lab, probably late May? It’s the ‘Bluebell Woods’ walk – more news next week. Do come join us!

And talking of meeting up – watch out next week for news of a book get-together on 29th June near Dorking.

Hope your Easter was good – apart from a teensy little sugar hangover I gave myself on Monday, due to eating a whole small choc egg (not the filling, just the shell), the day before. Eurgggh! Reminds me why I hardly ever eat sugar and serves me right! Hehe!


 THEATRE WITH MUMMY – '12 Angry Men'

Debbie with her mumWell I took time out from my ridiculously hectic writing schedule to go see the matinee of ’12 Angry Men’ at The Garrick with mummy last week. It’s based on the classic 1950’s play, later immortalised by Henry Fonda in film (which you can watch on YouTube).

It was excellent I have to say – Robert Vaughn was a complete scene-stealer and Tom Conti in the lead was fab. Apart from one character – who shouted a bit too much too soon, leaving him nowhere to escalate to towards the end – it got top marks from me.

It was one of those old-school dramas they did so well in the 50’s – I’ve never seen the film so it was all fresh to me. It’s a clever production that held my interest. I usually see musicals and light hearted fayre at the theatre (remember 39 Steps?) so this was a departure from the norm. Loved it though. 8.75 out of ten. Here’s the original Martin Shaw trailer. But do go see it if you can.

[Having trouble viewing this video? See YouTube's Help page



Yes the fab brand is back (Fri 25th 9pm, Monday 28th 9am) plus the must-watch whole hour of Radical skin care on Monday 28th at 3pm with Anne and the lovely guests, sisters Liz and Rachel.

Their beauty range has some incredible effects, as Craigy found out at our little QVC training session/facial using their youth infusion bubbles serum!

When I use it, like Wed night at home, it totally makes my skin smooth and plumped after, and I like the science behind the brand.

Craig says their eye cream is one of the best he’s used too. It’s certainly got a lot of clever research put into it. Look out for the discovery set and give it a go. Some great reviews already on individual lines – check out on our website.
Craig 1 Craig









Debbie mask 










If you saw the 8pm show on Tuesday you'll have seen my promise to put the January and April scan pics of my skin profile test done by Emma from Imedeen.

Density Jan

Density April







I've been taking the 50+ Imedeen supplements since January, just like Joanna Lumley has for 18 years. (See Good Housekeeping mag this month – she isn't paid to promote it either!)

Now my tests were not scientifically controlled, and my skin care since Jan has included Radical for a month, then Murad for the last month (see bottom re next week’s Murad comp. Bottom of blog not my bottom! Lol. That would need more than supplements… haha)

So there’s no way we can say my increase in skin density from 47 to 53 can be absolutely put down to the supplements alone. Anyway, Emma emailed me to say that she’d never seen skin measurements improve like mine have – by ten per cent – in my age bracket. How chuffed am I!?

Who knows exactly why, but I’m liking it! I’ve also been eating more healthily too, with lots of fresh foods which make a difference to the way I feel (apart from when I give myself a sugar hangover… der.)

By the way, see next week’s blog for info on how you can learn about food and health at a one day course at the end of June with Marlene Watson Tara. Meanwhile, check out what others say about Imedeen on our website. Click here.



Still to come… what bird makes this noise?… one of the best chick-flicks ever!… Leighton’s slip of the tongue…



RIWISI – Read it Write it Sell it
My weekly look at all things book!
DOWSCPWell, hot on the heels of my latest novel, Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter, making the top five in the prestigious books/fiction/humour chart last weekend (for the eBook,) by popular demand the paperback is now out on Amazon – just follow this link and you will see it!

Reviews so far for this madcap comedy following the behind the scenes antics of a would-be young TV star – all fictional I assure you! 😉 – have been great:

“For any Qvc addicts like myself, I highly recommend this book, it's a great read with plenty of humour to which I found myself laughing out loud at. Yes it's silly, yes it's fun and yes it's worth the price! The author Debbie Flint has delivered another winner!” Tracy Grenter, Amazon Review

Go here to get the eBook and here to get the paperback! And yes, in reply to some of your requests, you’ve guessed it, there will of course be a sequel! Meantime, I’m cracking on with book three in the Hawaiian Trilogy!


Seven Tips to Help Promote Your Book I had a pleasing little writing TiFFT* this week! None other than Joanna Penn, talented writer and blogger, asked me to guest blog for her – how chuffed was I! I wrote ‘7 tips to help promote your very first self published book’ – full version on my RiWiSi page on my website two weeks ago.

I love Jo’s site – and her intro to my guest blog has other very useful links and tips too if you’re new to self publishing! Click here if you’d like to read it!


My Titles All my books are shown at the bottom of this blog if you’re interested and would like to read them on Kindle/app them on Amazon.

Do leave me a review if so! I love hearing what you think! And thanks to so many of you for being so kind and leaving five star reviews – it’s very rewarding to know people are liking what I do!


Reluctant brideNext week’s Book of the Week – Claire Firth’s long awaited raunchy regency sequel to ‘Reluctant Bride.’ She’s a very good writer! Desperate Measures will be released next weekend.


Also on Read It Write It Sell It – Go-Large, over on my website … a beginner’s guide to self-publishing…why Germany is a vital market to consider… and the most brilliant book trailer ever, for Bone Season. Do click through and read it! New tips for writers every Friday. And sign up for the newsletters at the same time… click here.





Interesting piece about nightly sleep this week, in my little health-based segment. This article (click here) discusses what the best length of time is. Now considering I had very little in the final days before publishing my new book (see RiWiSi above,) I would say the more I get, the better!

Am not going to do that again this time – will get the new one, Hawaiian Retreat, done by end May beg June, well in time for the end of June publishing date – am promising myself! But when I DO go to bed, I can honestly sleep for England! What about you? How important is sleep to you?

I must say I swear by memory foam pillows though, and we do some fab ones. And feather bed toppers – don’t forget to give them a try if you’re not sleeping so well. Plus here’s Marlene Watson Tara, my guru, talking about healthy food and sleep. Click here for more.

Also – if it’s relationship problems keeping you awake, have a look at this article all about 15 Habits of Healthy Couples – click here.

Back to You FBHere’s a little snippet from a couple more of our Back to You gang, discussing how well they’re doing since January when B2U began.

More on my Easter Monday Essay on my website, which included several updates on just how far some of our Facebookers have come plus a long extract from my weight loss book Till the Fat Lady Slims – just go to, Back to You page, for more – click here. Another new B2U blog on Monday!

Back to You returns to QVC in September. See below for links to join the Facebook Groups.




Australian Bodycare skinwash - 228484Sneaky peek – On Wednesday week, Australian Bodycare lovers, you’re in for a treat with a special all-day bargain if you know what I mean! Includes the blemish stick too – which I swear by! I think I’ll be stocking up…







Kim and CoShhh – Attention fans of Kim & Co – some lovely shows coming up over the Bank Hol weekend including with me on the Monday 5th (including one of those ‘one show only’ type deals but don’t tell anyone I told you!) at 5pm – put it in your diary Kim fans!





RoastRoast-Easy works on veg – here’s my first effort – sooo succulent, they were. Highly recommended, this clever chain-mail inspired mesh foil-replacement from inventor Helen – great reviews too.

Click here to see Craig’s demo with Helen.





Leighton’s How To for Glitter Polish Removal – as promised on the Leighton show this week, our fab nail expert gives great glitter tips. Many more tutorials from Leighton on YouTube too! See also the blooper below!

Kunzite TSVThis week – I'm off using up annual leave and writing my next book, until Sunday 4th btw, but in the meantime… my ‘tv husband’ Lee Hohbein brings us another fab tablet TSV bargain this Saturday (29th), launching midnight, it’s an Acer, with impressive 16gb storage.

And Sunday is your chance to find out the fuss about Wen hair care with a 4 PC set. Plus look out for the Gem Day special all day Tuesday, with a short-run Kunzite TSV, so watch at midnight Monday if u can!


BLOOPER – Leighton’s classic slip of the tongue – considering our Leighton snippet above, thought I’d bring you this one again! 


Sisters Make the World go Around – had a lovely afternoon and evening with my sis Linda Bignell, Red Carpet Nails guest, this week. It included seeing the brilliant movie 'The Other Woman' – see below. But look at this pic of me and my sis, next to the two Radical girls – ahhh! Don’t forget they’re back this weekend incl on Mon at 3pm.

Radical sisters









What bird makes this sound? Listen to my impression and tell me what u think it is? If you’re a twitcher? Put me out of my misery! Lol If you have pics you can email me too on My daughter loves birds, they’ve installed a camera in a bird box outside the top window – will keep you informed!


Unexplained Mysteries of the world Read this article and watch the vid – can you explain any of them? I love the placebo one – the power of the mind will one day be harnessed to heal, maybe in our lifetime, who knows. Let’s hope so! Click here for more.


Facebook spooky – this one doing the rounds this week – makes your hairs stand on end! How did it happen, apart from the obvious suggestion of being fake. What If it’s not… mwahahaaaaar! See the pics here of a Victorian girl appearing in family photos in York.

St Georges day– It was St George's Day this week on 23rd – shame there wasn’t more to celebrate it – so here’s my contribution! How British are you? – take this fun quiz – I got 80%, the seabass let me down… click here to see it, and leave me a comment below to tell me how you got on!





– P.S. a note – so sad to see some of my lovely pals out of work as one of the other shopping channels closed this week. Such a small industry, many of us know each other. BUT even more reason to stick with the safety of QVC – for me personally, as well as, as a customer. Big hugs to all.


ChildFacebook funny – hehehaha – for single mums everywhere who, like me, had virtually no help bringing up the kids! Gotta luv this sentiment! Lol.








'The Other Woman' Right, if you love chick-flicks, you cannot miss the latest Leslie Mann release: 'The Other Woman' – Leslie had me rolling up laughing. A lot. Frequently!

Alongside Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton, who are good, they plot revenge on the cheating husband, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He is also outstanding in his acting, especially in the restaurant scene.

Echoes of 'Bridesmaids' but sooooo funny. Nicki Minaj also makes a notable cameo appearance.

P.S. who is the hot brother?? Actor Taylor Kinney (Zero Dark Thirty, Chicago Fire) – one to watch. And if anyone's got an older brother like that, let me know! In cinemas now, 9/10 (v v high for me!!)


The Grand Budapest Hotel I finally got to see it at the cinema last week with mummy and ex-sis-in-law Alison Flint, and well worth the wait it was too.

Ralph Feinnes' comic performance is worth watching it for, alone. It'll be marmite, but if u loved Moulin Rouge and Gatsby – that jerky, Tin-Tin-esque stylised filming, you will love this too. Nothing too taxing, but a quirky, fun movie. So many cameos from so many big movie stars ramped up the mark, for gawp-value alone! 8/10

Meet the star-studded cast of characters – click here.

MuradNext week – book of the week is Desperate Measures – a raunchy regency from Claire Firth, plus fab Murad skin care competition – with this amazing bundle of goodies.






– A trip to Hastings

– How to join the Bluebell dog walk for charity near Dorking soon

– What it's like from the 42nd floor of the old NatWest Tower in London as I visit Vertigo42

Join me every Friday! And don’t forget if you’d like to read more, just go to my website and read the Read It Write It Sell it page and the Back to You page – more blogs there each Friday and Monday respectively!

Have a fab week!
Best wishes

P.S *TiFFT = Try it For the First Time Club!

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  1. Susanne Fitzpatrick April 25, 2014 at 7:23 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    When I was in my teens, Dad never let me wear make-up and my gorgeous aunt persuaded him to let me – and what a difference it has made in my mid-fifties. My friend and I went to have our skin analysed in a local clinic 4 years ago as they were doing free consultations and guess what? My friend’s actual age was 48 but her ‘skin age’ is 63!!! She was devastated and from never having worn make-up (despite my nagging), now has a healthy supply thanks to Alison Young, QVC and a kick up the bum from me. I was 53 at the time and my ‘skin age’ was 40 (shock, horror). Consultant said he’d never seen anyone of my age with no sun damage, age spots, wrinkles or crow’s feet and it’s purely down to wearing make-up with SPF since I was 16.
    I’d recommend everyone having their skin analysed before the damage is irreversible. If you go later in the year (October, November) consultations are often free of charge as that’s the clinic’s ‘quiet period’ before the Christmas rush.

  2. Sharon harvey April 25, 2014 at 10:19 pm -  Reply

    Great blog debbie xx

  3. Natalie Coe April 25, 2014 at 11:20 pm -  Reply

    Sounds like you’ve been a very busy bee! Thanks for recommending The Other Woman; just been to see it and loved it. Lots of laugh out loud moments too! X

  4. Pat April 26, 2014 at 8:05 am -  Reply

    Birdy song — sounds like a GREAT TIT to me, just keeps repeating 2 notes and its very loud for such a small bird.

  5. Karen Green April 26, 2014 at 6:00 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie
    Another great and interesting blog!! How do you do it, lol!?
    Daisy is lovely and don’t we just love to spoil them and why not.
    Leighton’s blooper was so funny, have watched it loads of times! Also, love his kits and fabulous nail colours – the last show was excellent and full of good tips too!!
    Just finished reading your last book…really enjoyed it and laughed my way through it!!
    Looking forward to your next book and launch of course.
    Happy Writing and see you back on our *telly* soon…
    Karen xx

  6. janine – twinkle April 26, 2014 at 8:28 pm -  Reply

    Hi Deb
    Aww your dogs are adorable, My 3 babies are getting more and more human each day ha ha. I love the idea of a walk in memory of your Angel Holly – so cute and brought a tear to my eye ( Im such a wuss )
    Twelve angry men looks good 🙂 Glad u had a lovely time with your mama
    Ski care?? I love trying new things – when I have the money 🙂 would love to have better skin and be more healthy – but health issues/medication stand in the way!!
    Your book is defiently on my I WANT list – looks amazing hun 🙂
    Sleep!! Dont talk to me about that!! major insomina sufferer even though Im on medication to help me sleep ha ha – Im so special
    Hand Job!!! I laughed my head off Fantastic – This woild be me and why I could never ever go on live tv!!
    aww you ad your sis are so adorable glad u had a great time together and I really wanna see the other woman
    I not sure about birds sounds but birds are so cute – love them
    Unexplained Mysteries of the world – that hurt my brain – ha ha totally clueless!! and confused ;/
    I would love ghosts to appear in my pics – so exciting – I love stuff like that
    British test I was rubbish ha ha – again I had no idea!!
    Its sad the shopping channels have had to go – love to all your friends xx
    loved that facebook funny pic – BRILLIANT – Well done u being a single mummy – proud of u xx
    Have a fantastic week lovely lady xxx

  7. Gary Hewitt April 27, 2014 at 3:02 am -  Reply

    Hi Debs, just been reading some more of your blogs and I’m really impressed with what you have put on there. It’s interesting to see what you get up to at work and in the time away from ur job. I will be leaving more comments as I carry on reading. I have also connected to ur Facebook page and requested to be ur friend as well. Btw u have to watch Henry Fonda’s twelve angry men, u will love it #classic

  8. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 29, 2014 at 12:52 pm -  Reply

    Doesn’t it feel great when that happens!! Confidentially (!!) Emma was amazed someone over 50 could get 10% change as she’d warned me it may just stave off further falls! Well done u o. Yes SPF all the way…! Mwah x

  9. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 29, 2014 at 12:53 pm -  Reply

    Great feedback Sharon.. Lolol 😉 *jokes* xx

  10. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 29, 2014 at 12:53 pm -  Reply

    Natalie –
    Wasn’t the other woman great? I soooo want to see it again Leslie Mann is pure comic genius! Xx

  11. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 29, 2014 at 12:55 pm -  Reply

    Pat –
    Yes it is very loud! Someone else said a blackbird. I guess I shall just have to persevere till I find out cos it’s REALLY bugging me now! Lol. Several around here do it, not just one, so it’s not an anomaly. I don’t think! Lol x

  12. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 29, 2014 at 12:58 pm -  Reply

    Karen –
    Yes, I luv Daisy dog to bits!
    Always fun with Leighton
    , many more vids of him on YouTube btw.
    Oh and ta so much re book! Would love to read a review ! If u can kindly post one on amazon and Goodreads that’d be faaaab! Ta so much! Writing Hawaiian Retreat as we speak! X

  13. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 29, 2014 at 1:00 pm -  Reply

    Hi Janine –
    Welcome to the blog! So glad u enjoyed it! Yes it’s very interesting how what we eat affects our health isn’t it! I think it should be taught in schools! Xx

  14. Debs flint – Qvc presenter April 29, 2014 at 1:01 pm -  Reply

    Gary –
    Ta hon. Defo on my YouTube list to watch it. Mind u I just saw The Butler on sky – it was amaaaazing! X

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