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Today's Beauty Day is all about celebrating our love of beauty and those products we just can't live without. We asked our presenters what their loves are and want to know what yours are too – so post yours in the comments box below…

Julia's beauty loves

Julia Roberts I'm really looking forward to Beauty Day even though for me it will mean getting out of bed at 5.30am to be on air for 9am, and it's Valentines Day!!! What happened to the lie-in and breakfast in bed??

Still, at least it means I can go and watch my beloved Crystal Palace play their 5th round F.A. Cup match in the afternoon, and then maybe a romantic dinner??
My 9 a.m. show is Laura Gellar Make-up which should be fun and informative as Laura is a top New York make-up artist. Then at 11am I'm with Alexis Murdoch for an hour of L'Occitane, the brand of the Today's Special Value.

My love of L'Occitane

I'm sure you'll love the TSV as it has some favourites and a gorgeous mousse wash that I haven't seen before. I love L'Occitane soaps too, in fact I don't have any other brand in my house. If you haven't used them before you could try the Traditional Soap Collection which features 4 shea butter soaps and 4 bonne mere soaps so that you can see which you prefer. I like both, in particular the honeysuckle bonne mere and milk shea butter.

Drum roll please for Elemis

Elemis Luxurious Face & Body Collection At noon we have Elemis. I so enjoy working with Keeley Aydin as she has a wealth of knowledge about beauty products and I'm often on the phone to her for advice.

Amongst other things we have the Face & Body Collection which has the highly acclaimed Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, the deliciously scented Lime and Ginger Wash and Body Lotion, Gentle Rose Exfoliator AND (drum roll) Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser which so many of us fell in love with when it launched before Christmas… you're probably ready for a refill?!?! 

Keeley also has the most adorable baby boy called Kaya, who she had better bring with her on Sunday!! I hope you get the chance for a Valentine's Day lie-in with breakfast in bed and QVC on the TV!

See you there, love Julia x

Claire's beauty loves

Claire Sutton The best nail file ever!

Having had the naffest nails (except when I was pregnant interestingly enough!), I used to wince when a normal nail file was used on me… tooooooo rough and toooo aggressive! My little talons were oh so fragile and I seriously used to question why on earth I was paying for a manicurist to make them worse, madness huh?!

And then I learnt all about CRYSTAL NAIL FILES!! I wish I could add a review to the tonnes of glowing reports about this Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File Duo. An absolute necessity and a gorgeous, glam one too.

Honestly, my advice is give them a go. OK, so I'm not the award-winning superstar nail guru but hey, if it works for me and let's face it those cameras are CLOSE UP on jewellery… I'll leave that thought with you and look so forward to seeing you on Sunday morning!!!

Now let's just talk colour…

Leighton Denny Mini All Stars Colour Collection This Leighton Denny Mini All Stars Collection is a must-have in my book! When you think about the versatility of all these colours, everything from the delicacy of Butterfly Wings, so perfect when I'm doing a jewellery show with those previously mentioned CLOSE UP cameras… it's a chance to show a pretty, healthy-looking nail.

Then we move to the fantastic and may I say sexy.. .Miss Behavin!!!! NO COMMENTS PLEASE! And Bronzed Babe. To have all those eventualities covered with these minis is superb. Don't you agree that they're just the right size to pop in your bag to touch up? Now I have colours to show off it's vital to maintain a perfect polish as I know you all agree! Thinking of ordering for a friend of mine, so she too can appreciate Leighton and his fabulousness!!!

See you on Beauty Day, Claire x

Catherine's beauty loves

Catherine Huntley My 'cannot live without' item

For so many people, I know that Laura Geller Spackle is a beauty 'cannot live without' item! I must say it works an absolute treat in creating a beautiful canvas to apply make-up to but even if you're not wearing make up, I find it smoothes out the appearance of the skin.

'Spackle' in the States equates to 'Polyfilla' in the UK. This is the concept of how it works and why Laura chose the name. It fills and smoothes beautifully.

One of your favourites too!

Laura Geller Balance N Brighten Now let's talk about a top-rated beauty buy, this Laura Geller Balance N Brighten has over 200 customer reviews! Masses and masses of them are 5/5 stars. I don't know if you can call a powder clever but that's what I'd call this one. It seems intuitive!

When I apply it, it seems to bring a glow to the skin but at the same time stops me looking shiny. Having naturally oily skin, I am really very pleased about this as it can be hard to get the balance just right. The brush is remarkable too, so soft, true quality through and through.

I'm really looking forward to 10pm on Sunday when Laura and I have a whole hour together. I hope you can join us and join in via our studio line or text number. Happy Beauty Day!

Love Catherine x

Simon's beauty loves

Simon BiagiA daily service for my hands

The winter is a hard time for skin and especially hands. I find myself constantly washing my hands after cleaning kids' wellies, chicken houses, dogs' feet etc etc. I use my 'fourth emergency service' every day – L’Occitane Hand Cream. It's rich and luxuriant but the honest reason why I use it because it really works. 

I tend to suffer from those very dry spots in the corners of my thumbs and this looks awful when doing jewellery shows and the camera gets very close. Great for gardeners, fisherman, Dads and anyone who likes to have happy hands!

Helping outbreaks after winter colds

A'kin Pure Radiance Rosehip Oil Duo I've also had a bit of a skin nightmare lately with an outbreak of spots combined with dry and scaly patches – still a teenager – all a hangover from the flu and various lurgies we've been afflicted by. My solution was to reach for two of my favourite helpers: Alpha-H Liquid Gold and A'kin Rosehip Oil. I use the Alpha-H at night and in the morning after a shower I use the Rosehip Oil.

You can really feel the Alpha-H working and people can see the difference and often comment that "I'm looking well!” when I've used it regularly! The Rosehip Oil smells very nutty, which I like, and soaks into the skin really quickly, ready for the cold wintery weather.  
Shaving essentials

Liz Earle Shavecream and Aftershave Duo But just as in DIY, all the good 'decorating' would be a waste of time without proper preparation. As a man, if you don’t shave your face well, you can be constantly irritated. I use the Liz Earle Shaving Duo as it's a simple and very effective daily ritual. The shave cream is smooth and although you only use a small amount really helps the razor glide over the skin and I never get any shaving rash when using it.

The aftershave moisturiser is perfect, light and sinks in quickly, leaving you feeling clean and ready for action. Best part for me is that it's all very natural, which compared with some shaving gels is quite a contrast.

Now some people may think caring so much about my skin leaves me a bit too much in touch with my feminine side, but we all have to take care of ourselves and I'm really lucky to be able talk to the experts and try things out.

Simon x

Pipa's beauty loves

Pipa Gordon Beauty day is with us again and I’m thrilled to be working with Leighton and Laura.

We have some fantastic products all day. Firstly, where would I be without Leighton?? I wear his colours nearly all the time!! The secret to great nails is all in the tools and in cuticle care which is why Leighton's Handbag Must-haves and Leighton's Crystal Nail File Duo are nail essentials… I carry my Leighton Denny file absolutely everywhere!!

I am also a HUGE fan of Laura Geller, I love everything she makes for us. Usually I wear mineral foundation but if I am in the mood for a liquid one, Laura's Phenomenal Foundation is my favourite as it is oil free – I can’t bear feeling make-up on my skin!!

See you Sunday, Pipa x

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  1. SarahJane Lambert February 19, 2010 at 8:46 pm -  Reply

    ITs so good to hear what the presenters like to use , as we see the results they get . I am a make up lover but am also very much into my skin care . I have learnt so much from Alison young and the guest presenters . Thank you QVC

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