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Molly Hello!

What a week it's been so far…football, tennis, amazing weather…what next?!  I'm a huge tennis fan, and on day one of Wimbledon. the Federer match was truly edge of the seat stuff! I now have even more grey hairs!

This photo takes me back over 20 years – sorry about the quality – it's a little old!

Molly our English setter, passed away when I was around 18 years of age but to this day she left us with the most amazing memories. It's amazing how, all these years later, we still miss our truly magical dog. She had the most wonderful personality, so loving, affectionate and so very very loyal.

But one quality Molly had, which I will forever remember, was her mischievous behaviour! Her antics are legendary. Molly always had an appetite for food! No matter how well fed, Molly always wanted more, and would eat (if allowed)…virtually anything! 

Her stories still bring a smile to our faces. There was the time we were on the beach, holidaying on the Isle of Wight. BBQ time and Molly was looking longingly at the food. Next to us was a family enjoying their food too. There was a chap with his hotdog laced in ketchup. He was enjoying the view across the Solent while taking the occasional bite.

He was completely unaware, and whilst unaware, Molly sneaked up and very carefully took the sausage from his roll! He looked down at his hot dog (now, minus the sausage) and the look of surprise on his face was a picture – he had no idea where that sausage went!

Then, there was the time, when Molly broke into our larder. We were living in Portsmouth and it was my older sister's birthday. It was time to fetch the birthday cake…or, at least what was left of it! In fact, all that was left was the cake board and that had been partly chewed! Molly had a tummy the size and shape of a barrel!

The one story that really sticks is possibly the most unpleasant (you may not want to read on!) Back on the beach on the Isle of Wight, Molly came racing towards us looking very pleased with herself. Dad and I looked at each other, both asking the same question. What's in her mouth? We soon learnt when we heard a fisherman shouting and waving his arms. Worms! Molly had taken a huge mouthful of his bait! Lovely!

On that note, I hope you can catch me this Saturday evening at 8pm with Phillip Kingsley. Later on that night I'll bring you a Today's Special Value which will take your TV viewing to the next level! (In fact one of my colleagues plans to buy this – I won't say who, just in case it's a family surprise!)

Take care and see you soon


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  1. louise June 25, 2010 at 7:14 am -  Reply

    You always knew Federer was going to pull through, though, didn’t you? I’ve got a feeling Nadal might pull it off this year, but Roger will be difficult to beat. I think they’ve both had their one tough match this championships. so we’re in for some great ones i think.
    Pity it’s on at the same time as the world cup. I’m at work on sunday, so I’m going to miss the England match. We’re not all catered for at work!

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