Our lavishly gorgeous Gem Day!


Hi everyone,

Have you seen our 'advert' for Gem Day yet? Oh wow, it's just fabulous! It's shot in a theatre with ravishing red velvets and flamboyant feathers…a little cheeky burlesque style. Sadly we are not filming the day from there but let me tell you it's going to be a very exciting and colourful day!

I took a trip to see our buyers a week or two ago and they were practically jumping up and down in excitement about the day! There are some real treasures on offer. I have fallen in love with many pieces myself!

I have a premiere show at 10am. Mexican Magdalena Fire Opal. Oh it is so juicy! Just perfect to brighten an outfit and lift the spirits. Make sure you tune in for that…it's beautiful.

I'll also be with you for Russian Diopside at 1pm – that rich, clear, verdant green that the finest emeralds wish they could be! Green with envy, you might say?

At 2pm I'll be joined by our South Sea and Tahitian Pearl officianado, Helene Remy-Clarke for an hour of once-in-a-lifetime jewellery from our South Sea Collection. Being a June baby pearls are my birthstone..I may have to do some shopping myself!

Perhaps you've noticed a bold blue ring many of us presenters have been wearing recently? I cheekily let slip that this is our Today's Special Value for this Gem Day. Our first ever Hubei Turquoise Today's Special Value! I had the pleasure of launching our first Hubei Turquoise hour recently and it was a sell out show so get your order in early!

What are you looking for this Gem Day? What's your 'gem of the moment'? It'd be fab to hear from you.

Love Catherine x


  1. Magda Chetty April 21, 2010 at 8:03 pm -  Reply

    Hi catherine
    Iam soooooooo looking forward to Gem Day, I”ll have nothing to do all day but watch QVC. I”ll be watching with a friend of mine who recently started to shop from QVC after she had seen the great staff I got from you, she loves Gem rings, so far she got about 12 from QVC in the last 3 month.
    I love Blue Topaz and got 3 rings from QVC, but I can”t wait for the TSV as blue is the colour for me, and I do like bold rings.
    Thanks for the hint, see you on Gem Day.
    Much love.

  2. Catherine Huntley April 22, 2010 at 9:36 am -  Reply

    Hi Magda,
    Great to hear from you and really nice to know friday will be a relaxing pleasure for you. So good to have days like that, isn’t it? Lovely you’ll have you’re friend watching, too. I watch QVC with my mum quite a bit! Also my friend Mel and I watch crafty shows together when we get a chance and craft at the same time, too.
    I think you are going to adore the Today’s Special Value ring. It’s a real gem collector’s piece, an investment. It’s remarkable how many colours that bright blue goes with, too. I’ve tried it with purples, yellows, oranges, creams…it just works! I wish I was launching it at midnight, I am in love with it!
    Please pass my regards to your friend and lots of love to you. Enjoy your Gem day with us.
    Love Catherine x

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