Our fantastic holiday in the sun


Jilly and the kids on the beach Hi everyone!

Yes, I'm back and it seems such a long time since my last blog. I've been away on holiday, which was so wonderful that I really came back down to earth with a bump.

Not only did I feel the effects of jet-lag (must be an age thing because it never used to bother me) but my hip went funny again, which the physio said was probably due to the fact that I had two kids laying on me asleep for most of the ten hour flight home. By the time I got off the plane I could hardly walk. Anyway after some heat treatment, some physio and some sleep I feel much better.

Cassidy and an iguana We went to the Dominican Republic - the first time we have ever taken the children that far – and it was fantastic, a real dream holiday. We stayed at the Ocean Blue Sand resort in Bavaro, an amazing hotel. It was so big a little shuttle bus ran around taking you to all the restaurants or entertainment places and it was right on the beach, which was breathtakingly beautiful.

The weather was perfect too and we have been quite unlucky with weather in the past, rain usually follows us, but this time it was gorgeous.

Taylor and a ray We had a great boat trip where we met and interacted with stingrays and my husband and son went swimming with sharks! That terrified me because Taylor is only eight and probably a nice little mouthful for a hungry shark but, as my husband says, sometimes you have to let go a little and let them do these things, so I did and I was petrified but he loved it.

So, all in all an incredible holiday and we can't wait to try somewhere else next time, so any ideas would be gratefully received. I'd love to hear about your favourite holidays and any recommendations for family holiday destinations would be great too.

Yours Tanned-but-fading-rapidly-Jilly! xx


  1. Kristina Moore May 6, 2009 at 12:26 pm -  Reply

    Hello Jilly. You asked about favourite holidays. Well my husband and I go to the Isles of Scilly every year. They are 28 miles off Lands End and if the weather is fine look like the Caribbean. All my highlights of these holidays have happened in the rain but we adore the place and have made many friends there. Kathy Tayler did a report for the Holiday programme from there a few years ago. They are a little difficult to get to but well worth the effort.
    Glad you and your family had such a good time.
    Best wishes

  2. Margaret May 23, 2009 at 12:36 am -  Reply

    Hi Jilly, your holiday looks lovely ,daughter and hubby went there a couple of years ago and loved it, did you bring any larimar back its that lovely green gem and its only found at D. R.One of my favourite places is Scotland it just takes my breathe away, we used to tour off the usual tourist trail and go to some remote places the coast and beaches were out of this world, white sand and the bluest sea and we had it all to ourselves. One lovely experience was on the Isle of Skye at Dunvegan Castle we went out on a tiny boat to see the seals with their babies on the rocks it was something I will never forget , but the boat was tiny and I must admit I was a little scared, the people are just so lovely and its been one of the warmest wellcomes we have ever had visiting other countries.We tend to travel overseas now and have done a lot of the Greek Islands and Turkey, Spain Majorca , France , Holland , Belgium but I think my true love will always be Scotland and believe it or not we always had glorious weather and it never seems to go dark at night up there in the summer.Oh sorry if Ive gone on but when I start to remember I cant help it. Best Wishes Margaret.

  3. Granny Mo June 3, 2009 at 10:06 am -  Reply

    How lovely that you should show photos of your family to us. These are the kind of things which make QVC so much more than just a shopping channel. I’m so pleased that you had such a wonderful time.

  4. holiday trips June 3, 2009 at 4:29 pm -  Reply

    hi jilly nice to see you back. i,ve never been to the dom rep before but have to cuba its brillant. mexico is good to travelled alot

  5. Julie June 3, 2009 at 8:41 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jilly,
    My husband and I and our two children (aged 12 and 8) went to that same hotel in Punta Cana last year. We liked it there too and we had all those same photos taken around the pool, I particularly loved Brenda the monkey!! but we like Florida and are going back there at the end of July. We will have been there five times and we love it. The children obviously love it, what with all the theme-parks etc but me and my Husband really enjoy ourselves too. It is roughly a nine hour flight (roughly the same as the Dom Rep).
    I’m sure your two would adore it there!!!!
    Love Julie x x

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