Would you eat less to spend more on beauty products?


Powder brush with blusher How much do you love your favourite Liz Earle and Elemis beauty products? According to our recent QVC survey, over 4.8 million (19%) of British women would rather spend less on food in order to spend more on their beauty regime. Plus, the average British woman spends 330 days of her life in front of the mirror!

We surveyed 1,000 women to mark the launch of our new QVC Beauty channel – the first 24 hour TV channel dedicated to beauty – and we discovered that each day women in the UK apply:

• More than 16 million sweeps of a mascara wand
• Nearly 2,400 miles of lipstick -  the distance from London to New York City
• Nearly 4,000 litres of foundation – enough to fill nearly 7,000 pint glasses

We also discovered that 70% of women spend more than £16 billion on cosmetics every year, plus over half of British women say the recession has had little or no impact on their beauty spend whatsoever.

 Kate James, head of buying for QVC Beauty, says:

Lipstick “Whether it's a slick of lipstick before the office party or a new skin regime after the winter blues, beauty products have the power to make people feel good about themselves.

With more disposable income, modern women are savvier beauty shoppers than ever, making sure they get the best prices for their products and learn the best ways to use them before anything even touches their skin.”

Who splashes the most cash?

Nail varnish London women spend the most at over £955 on average per year. But the beauty bargain hunters are in the North West of England, spending the least at £567 on average a year, despite over 37% of them agreeing that they wouldn't leave the house without make-up!

Share your beauty secrets with us – are you a beauty bargain hunter? Do you spent too long in front of the mirror? Let us know by commenting!

The QVC Beauty channel is available on Freesat channel 816, Sky digital channel 658 and online at qvcuk.com/qvcbeauty

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QVC surveyed over 1,000 women across the UK to ascertain national statistics based on the amount of money and time spent on cosmetics – based on information from the Office of National Statistics.


  1. Julie Marks October 30, 2010 at 2:36 pm -  Reply

    What an interesting question. The short answer is no, but I would make cutbacks elsewhere in my budget. When things are tough I think it is doubly important to make the best of yourself as it gives you a boost. It shows the world that no matter what you can cope with style, grace and elegance. Personal grooming is therapeutic that is why so many people choose to go to a spa.

  2. joyce piper October 30, 2010 at 10:46 pm -  Reply

    Beauty products are a great way to keep skin looking in tiptop condition, but what we feed our skin with is equally as important, so too rest and sleep, adquate intake of water, and managing our stress levels. The basis of good skin begins with wholesome, nutritious food. I would definitely forgo junk foods, cups of coffee and chocolate bars, but I would never deprive myself of fruits, veggies or protein in order to purchase beauty products or make up.

  3. Rachel Arputharajoo November 1, 2010 at 2:30 pm -  Reply

    I blame QVC. I used to experiment with beauty products, wheher it is skincare or make-up. Now I want to try everything! I have God only knows how many foundations/lipsticks/eyeshadows and blushes. And dont forget the 20 odd brushes I have. But I have only one face and the products go on once a day only. I should just stop buying. I think I have enough make-up/skincare in my cupboard (well hidden from the hubbie) to last for 3 years!

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