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Liz Earle Men's Face Scrub & Cleanse & Polish Q: My son has become a teenager and has very dry facial skin with a few 'rough' patches. The central heating does not help. I wondered if you could recommend something specific for teenage skin that's not too girlie.

Alison: Unfortunately boys do turn into teenagers! Dry patches can happen although it's more unusual for teenagers. It's important to check that he isn't suffering from anything like eczema and that there isn't any redness, itching or irritation there. But if it's the case that his skin has got drier whereas his friends' have got spottier, this may mean that he could suffer from dry skin long term as this may be his predominant skin type.

He can use the Men's Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and they also have an after-shave moisturiser in their Men's Essentials Collection, which acts just like a normal moisturiser and can be used on drier areas at night, around the nose and on the lips. 

If his skin is slightly flaky, then I'd also recommend the Men's Liz Earle Face Scrub which comes in a set with the Men's Cleanse & Polish. He can use this in the shower two to three times a week on dry patches, but only if the skin is dry and not sensitive or irritated.

His skin is likely to dry up more easily and will also be more susceptible to sun damage than more oily skin types. So with the summer coming up, it would be useful for him to keep in the bathroom a sunscreen like the Ultrasun in the bathroom – it has non-girly, unisex sports-style packaging. He can apply this when he brushes his teeth in the morning and it's both sweat-proof and waterproof. He won't have to take it to school with him as it doesn't require any re-application.

I also hope you get over him being a teenager!!

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