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Decleor Prolagene GelQ: I'm a 25 year old guy and have slightly oily skin. I've been using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but I'm finding the Skin Repair Light is just a little too heavy. I have slightly enlarged pores on my nose, the occasional breakout, and I find that whenever I put my moisturiser on, within a few hours I start to look a little shiny.

I tend to find that products that are too gentle don't clean my skin properly, and products that are too strong dry my skin so I was wondering what you would recommend?

Alison: If you're happy to continue using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish then please do. A very easy solution for you to help with your enlarged pores and to use as a moisturiser would be the Decleor Prolagene Gel. It's a light gel, has firming anti-ageing properties and helps to tighten pores too. You shouldn't sweat this out or feel shiny a few hours later either.

I'd recommend using it morning and night and then at night put a moisturiser or night cream on top to help balance your skin out. This can be really light too, if you prefer – Liz Earle Skin Repair perhaps or the hydrating, water-based Decleor Hydrafloral.

In terms of exfoliants, use one a maximum of once a week to help to clean out any enlarged pores. I'd suggest Liz Earle, if you want to stay with this brand. I understand when you say that strong products are too drying – it's all about doing a little tweak to your routine to see a big result. This should then get your skin doing what you want it to, then you can stick to a more set routine in the future.

One product I'd love to recommend for you is the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, however at the moment I'm not sure you'd want to use it as it's a bit more expensive and not as light in texture. It's thicker in texture but you wouldn't sweat it out as it's easily absorbed. I'd suggest considering it at some point as it would be great for your skin and it's been a big hit with men in particular as it doesn't leave a residue.

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