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Decleor Aromessence Angelique Face OilQ: I was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and have just finished my radiotherapy. I used to have combination skin but this has changed to normal/dry. I use the Decleor neroli aromessence but should I now change to the Iris? (I am 44 years old) Could you please advise me on a complete am/pm routine?

I'm also struggling with my make-up as everything looks too heavy. I need a new look, which isn't too heavy, as I lost my hair and it's only now starting to regrow.

Alison: Firstly, I wish you continued improved health through your treatments. You have a common concern with this particular illness and you are doing exactly what you should be doing – readdressing and looking after you skin as it is now. Decleor is an excellent range to stay with.

I wouldn't necessarily jump to the Iris Oil but I would turn to the Angelique Face Oil instead. This is because it's winter and the central heating is on more now so your skin tends to get drier. The Angelique focuses more on dryness so it should give your skin more comfort, especially as your illness is one that tends to dry the skin out. Plus, the drier your skin, the more it will wrinkle so it's best to keep it as hydrated as possible. Iris Oil, instead, is designed to tackle the appearance of wrinkles so you can alternate these oils if you want.

If you want to use a moisturiser from the Gatineau range then I would take you to the Activ Eclat collection as these products focus on bringing the radiance and freshness back into the skin. It's also important to keep exfoliating your skin once a week. I think your skin may react to dermabrasion or to a strong exfoliant so try a gentle exfoliator only.

To get your skin looking really healthy, I'd definitely recommend the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm. You can choose this balm by your skin tone and use it as a day cream, or on top of your Angelique oil. You could also apply it on top of the oil and on top of your moisturiser too. How you fit it into your routine depends on how dry your skin is feeling and how much comfort you feel your skin needs.

This Skin Tint won't look like make-up, it will give your skin more of a fresh, dewy look. You can powder it down too with any powder, such as Laura Geller Balance N Brighten which comes in a choice of two skin tones.

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  1. Beverley February 7, 2009 at 12:08 pm -  Reply

    I have just started to use Decleor Angelique night balm although I have now added the face oil to my morning routine as I felt to achieve full benefit in this cold weather it was best to use both products with my own moisturiser (superskin which I love)
    I am confused as the last shows demonstrated Neroli for skin which need moisture whereas I thought this was more for problem skin with breakouts etc I love using Angelique and feel it is improving the condition of my skin (I don’t need as much moisturiser now) Decleor talk about taking breaks from the balms/oils although I may do this in the summer months I am unsure which is best for very dehydrated skin which is extremely fine and sensitive. I enjoy the way the face oil disappears and this is the only brand I have added to my Liz Earle routine (medical condition has caused the dehydration plus I don’t eat fatty foods!)
    Reading customer reviews on the Neroli worried me as they noted breakouts after using this plus the balm essential caused shiny skin which I don’t want. I like the purity of the products as I don’t want to compromise on quality with sythetitic chemicals in my skin care.
    I also noted on Decleor’s main site they only recommend Iris and Excellence of over 50 years which I think is important as to introduce these on younger skin would not leave any steps to go up to when over 50 (this isn’t always stated on QVC as the oils are recommended for most skins)
    Can I continue to use Angelique balm and oil or should I be looking at another oil for alternating the effect. I need moisture and extreme care taken as my skin is very fragile (paper thin dues to illness)
    Thanks if these balms and oils could be advised on as I am confused. I have watched many shows but it is only now I decided to add the balm and then the oils as Fiona had a lot of speaking time which taught me a lot more than previous shows.

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