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Ojon Restorative Hair TreatmentQ: I suffer from scalp folliculitis which is treated with long courses of antibiotics (I also suffer from Sjogrens sydrome/Lupus which means I am prone to dry skin and hair), but I also had severe breakage of my relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair. I started using Ojon shampoo and conditioner which were great and my hair has started to grow back. The only problem is that between washes my hair and scalp feels dry and I find that many cream products contain water and make my relaxed hair revert, what would you recommend I should use to add moisture to my scalp and hair between washes?

Alison: After following all your medical advice and using all your prescribed products, I have a few recommendations for your beauty regime. Products that can be used between washes are normally water-based because they don't cause greasiness. To apply a moisturising product between washes would normally require you then to wash – which is fine if you want to wash your hair every day.

A daily scalp tonic to relieve itching, soreness and sensitivity that I recommend would be a Philip Kingsley Skin Tonic. They are water based but also contain herbal tinctures, and are specifically designed for itchiness, flakiness and irritability of the scalp. You can literally drizzle this on the whole of the scalp without causing oiliness.

If you still find that, even though it's herbal tincture-based, you're still suffering from dryness on the scalp area, then I’d recommend massaging Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment into the tips of your fingertips and putting it just on the top of the scalp. Try to take this through the hair and make sure you have short fingernails for this or it won't work. Leave it there too but don't put too much on or you will want to wash your hair again.

A great treatment that you can do before washing on a weekly basis, which I'd recommend to you specifically, is massaging your Ojon Restorative Treatment onto the scalp as well as on the hair as this well help to lift off any dead skin there, exfoliating and softening that area before you shampoo and condition.

Please don't use any alcohol-based styling products, because if they touch the scalp area they are just going to dry it out and irritate it. As your hair is chemically relaxed, you shouldn't need to put any styling products on it anyway but be aware that you should use hand-applied products rather than sprays.

Plus, before you go to the salon to get your hair relaxed, you may need to pre-protect the scalp area. Make sure that you apply the Ojon Restorative Treatment to the scalp area 2 – 3 washes before you go to ensure your scalp area is as soft and moisturised as possible – this is because the chemicals used to relax your hair may irritate your scalp. 

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