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Monne Express Tanning Spray Q. Hi Alison, could you recommend a foundation to take on holiday? I need to wear foundation to cover slight imperfections but I sweat easily on a hot day and my face gets oily too in tropical climate. Please would you have any suggestions? Thank you.

A. Simple – you can use a layer of self-tan. If you put on self-tan, you will not need as much make-up because it'll help even the skin tone of any blotchiness. Don't think of self-tan as a just a tanning product – it can be mixed in with your everyday moisturiser and give you even coverage that cannot be sweated off.

From a make-up point of view, I'd recommend Mally compact foundation – it doesn't sweat or run because there are no waxes in it. Pipa Gordon is a fan of this as well.

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  1. Margaret Green August 20, 2011 at 2:20 pm -  Reply

    Hi Alison,
    my holiday problem starts before I get there. How can I keep my dry skin hydrated during a long flight? I am travelling on business too and would like to arrive looking reasonable.

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