I’ve taken up a new hobby


OK, so my usual motto is "can’t run, don’t run, won’t run". Well, it's now "can run and did run!"

I know I’m still in shock too and wondering how I came to arrive with 15 other novice runners on a freezing morning in January and achieved the unachievable…a run!

So, I am now not a jogger but a finely tuned athlete, well, that is according to our trainer Suzy Fitt (what a great name?!).

Seriously though, I was in awe at the tranquil beauty of the woods we ran through with the mist and the trees frosted it was truly stunning. Mind you, let's not get too carried away with the delights of it all as every tiny little piece of me was very aware I had run. That said will I persevere!

So looks like a ‘proper’ pair of trainers, a very good bra and a pair of gloves are on the shopping list. Hooray, an excuse to go shopping!

It was incredible how invigorated, fresh and full of life I felt for the rest of the day which can only be a good thing can’t it? It really reminded me of how physically fit I USED to be when I performed the opening number for The Gladiators (the original series of course).

As a member of G-Force, wielding my pom poms, I could almost compete with The Gladiators themselves with my biceps and triceps…I said almost! Oh, those were the days.

Time for a cup of tea and a little trip down memory lane…

Till next time, lots of love

Athlete Claire

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