OK, I know it’s more than a week since my last blog…


Toby gets his head wedged - AGAIN! I know, I know – I've already broken my New Year's resolution about blogging every single week but I have an excuse, albeit flimsy at best!

I was both home and away with t'family for half term week and although I was back on-air for the Friday and weekend shows – I missed my blog deadline – see, I told you it was flimsy!

Well my cold went eventually (as you know girls it's always worse for us MEN!) and mercifully didn't develop into anything more but at least it provided a few of you a chance for a titter or two whilst reading my last blog, and that pleases me.

As well as days out during half term, I also got down to some redecorating in my daughter's bedroom and the lounge. It's funny, I was texting with Charlie Brook today, and we both agreed that it's the thought of, rather than the doing of decorating that makes it a chore. Once I am cajoled into actually doing it I actually find it quite therapeutic (but please don't tell my wife!).

Other news just in: Toby got into an unusual scrape yesterday…

My wife Tracey walks him after dropping the kids off to school and somehow he managed to get his head stuck between some newly painted railings. He ran into them at such a speed that he pushed his head through but just couldn't pull it back out.

Apparently the troop of dog owners (if that's the right collective noun?) who walk together in the mornings considered various ways of extracting Toby – these ideas ranged from cutting off all the hair around his neck to applying slippery hair gel or actually cutting the railings with a hacksaw – eventually though one of the gents in the troop managed to prise the railings apart and he squeezed his head out.

Despite a painful yelp as he did it, he showed no signs of any damage and although he was stuck for around 10 minutes he carried on bounding around straight afterwards. We always trim the hair around his eyes to stop such things happening, having given up on hairclips and bungees.

My wife said 'He's never done anything like that before', but the photo at the top of this post would suggest otherwise!

Till next time blog readers!

Dale. x.


  1. Marian Bolton March 2, 2011 at 7:53 pm -  Reply

    Nice to hear from you Dale. Reading about Toby’s dilemma puts me in mind of my gorgeous British Blue (like Sheba ad) girl Meggie who sadly is no longer with me. She used to love to hide and got herself into some right scrapes because of it. Once she got herself shut in the wardrobe all day. Another time she got in one of the drawers of the bed and then into the middle of the bed base so, when I opened the drawers, I couldn’t see her. When we were doing the bathroom out, she managed to get under the floorboards and I had to coax her out with some feathers on the end of a stick. I have a photo of her little head peeking out above the floorboards. She loved it though and would always come out purring. I have enjoyed reading your latest blog Dale, though I can’t believe you haven’t mentioned your recent appearance in the extra plush leopard print slanket and discussing lady gardeners with Richard Jackson! x

  2. Marian Bolton March 8, 2011 at 6:44 pm -  Reply

    Also meant to say Dale’ ectable, Toby is gorgeous too, just like his daddy! I was watching the recent show where you had filmed him during walkies when the TSV was a camcorder. He looks a proper character. x

  3. Sharon Gasparutti March 17, 2011 at 4:13 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale,
    The new man on the block Miceal, looks like a younger version of you. Are you kinda related? Just wondered, mind you you are both very fetching!

  4. Gail March 17, 2011 at 7:08 pm -  Reply

    Dear Dale, I bet you wish you had never mentioned trying to blog every week. We understand and are only pulling your leg. It is very nice of you to blog at all. Poor old Toby; so glad he was released. A big pat on the back to the person who managed to release him.
    I must disagree with Sharon – THERE IS ONLY ONE DALE. Seriously, I don’t see any resemblence at all but her glasses might be stronger than mine!!!!!!!
    More pictures and stories of the lovely Toby please and I look forward to your photos in the summer. I remember the beautiful Adder you photographed last year. Hope the lovely fella, or lady, survived the winter and perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to see it again this year.
    Finding it a bit hard to be too jovial because have been thnking of the lovely Ali. I really, really hope things go well for Ali because I think she is lovely, inside and out.
    Just one thing I’d like to say before I go:
    Who said that?
    Take care,
    Gail xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Janouli March 17, 2011 at 10:11 pm -  Reply

    dale lovey where did you get your shirt from that you’re wearing in the yankee candle 10pm presentation? love it n want to get one for my ol fella. ta jx

  6. Dale Franklin March 23, 2011 at 12:59 am -  Reply

    Marian – you are a real tease ! Trust you to mention the RJ description of female gardeners with small hands ! I didn’t let him forget that one.
    Hi Sharon, Miceal is not related but I do have some Irish blood in my veins?
    Gail you’re right about my new year resolutions, but even if not every week – I’ll definitely make a concerted effort to blog far more than last year. Hopefully lots more photos of Toby and wildlife this year. Thanks also for your kind thoughts for Ali – she’s doing really well and is keeping herself occupied – I’m looking forward to taking her out for lunch in the near future. One thing I do know is that she is moved by the support from all at QVC and that includes the many wonderful messages of support from our customers such as your goodself.
    Hi Janouli – I think that shirt came from House of Fraser? It might be Linea? I’ll try and remember to check when I’m next in my dressing room.
    Thanks to you all for your comments. Dale x

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