Oh oh, I don’t want to miss a thing…


Or so the opening song of ‘Vanities The Musical’ goes!

I went to see it just a couple of nights ago with a good friend of mine and it was, in turns; comic, poignant and life affirming. Vanities is the hilarious and heartfelt story about three best friends growing up in Dallas at a time when image and style were more important than brains and ambition.

Vanities explores how these women’s warped view of the world shaped them, for better and worse, through a rich original score that blends girl group harmonies of the 60s and 70s with a contemporary musical theatre score.

The show opens with the girls as high school cheerleaders, so full of life and exuberant, whose only real concern is what the theme for the next football party should be, though they do have a moment of worry that they may be separated when they leave school to go to university. Remember those sweet days when your only worry was homework and what you were going to do over the weekend?

The story unfolds as we see them at university, and their next big step in life as they graduate and try to figure out what they want to do next, all of them having very different ideas: one to be a mum, one to travel, and one with no clue at all. It had me reflecting on my own life journey.

‘Vanities The Musical’ is currently playing at the Trafalgar Studios in London, but not for much longer, so if you want to go and see it you will need to fast!

Speaking of fast, my mum and niece were here visiting recently and the time just flew. Dear old mum, it is always such a pleasure for me to have her visit, but this timethe visit wasn’t about her it was all about getting my lovely niece moved into her halls of residence and ready to start her degree at university (so grown up, I still remember her as a rambunctious 5 year old!)

It was, to say the least, hectic!

Luckily I had done some prep in advance and had stocked up on Northern Nights bedding and pillows for her, as well as a set of Cozee Home bedding for the really cold months! As she is a 19 year old and still prone to break-outs, I also made sure that I had a little goody bag of treats for her to pamper herself with in case the move all got a bit too much for her.

There was the obligatory Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, which she already uses religiously having been introduced to it by her uncle Miceal! There was also some Liz Earle Hair Oil as she has lovely hair but some days it can get a bit unruly and she does use straighteners on it. I also popped in some OPI nail polish as she loves changing her nail colour nearly every day! There were all the other mundane things too like a toaster and a kettle and towels and cutlery…actually, the list went on and on.

I couldn’t believe how much stuff there was in the end! But, we did manage to eventually get her moved in and settled and then the next thing I remembered was that it was her birthday! So, of course we all had to go out and celebrate that as well, particularly as she was no longer near her school friends and didn’t really know anyone at university yet.

I treated her to cocktails and dinner and even dear old mum had a sherry! Poor mum, didn’t really get a look in the whole week, she just got dragged around with us as we sorted my niece out.

Still, I think she enjoyed just being part of it. My niece is the youngest of my mum’s grandchildren so I think mum wanted to be involved as my niece is the last one she will see making that move from childhood into independence and off into the world.

A poignant moment for my mum, and indeed all of us, as I look back at it now. It had me thinking back, once again, to those girls in Vanities and all the worries and concerns they had about growing up and life changing and the questions about what happens next, and I realised that almost everyone goes through that. We all grow up, we all move on.

Part of it is scary and part of it is exciting, the key for my niece, I think, is to learn to embrace it all, be a little bit brave and if all else fails, just call your uncle Miceal to sort it out. I’ll always be there if she needs me.

Until next time,

Miceal. X

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