October jobs, part 2


Hi all,

Here's the second part of my gardening jobs for October…

Rinse houseplants
Give yukkas and other non-flowering houseplants a treat. Pop them in the shower and rinse the leaves clean with tepid water. This will help them cope with lower light levels in winter.
Encourage lawn growth
Grass seed sown in September should have grown well and be a few inches tall. Help it thicken up by lightly trimming with a rotary lawn mower.
Tend to your vegetable plot
As crops are cleared from the veg plot, boost the soil (and next year’s crops) by digging in garden compost or well rotted manure.
Give dahlias some TLC
To save dahlias for next year, cut them down to 8cm (3") as soon the leaves turn black from the first frosts. Dig up the tubers with a fork, brush off the soil and prop them upside down for two weeks for water to drain from the stems. Dust with sulphur and store in a dry, frost-free place over winter.

Plant your lilies
For earlier flowers next summer, plant lily bulbs soon. Put 5 bulbs per 30cm (12") pot and use gritty compost. Alternatively, plant them in clumps in sunny parts of the garden.
Grow your Christmas plants
Now's the time to plant fragrant Paperwhite narcissi. Pop them in pots and they'll flower in time for Christmas. Grow them in the coolest room indoors – if the growing plants warm, the leaves can get too tall and floppy.
Prepare for next season
It’s the best time of year for planting trees, roses, hedges, shrubs and most fruit. The plants will settle in over winter and get off to a great start next season.

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  1. cora Hall October 22, 2009 at 3:27 pm -  Reply

    Richard do you know of anyway I can rid my place of those awful slug worms which appear at night.

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