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Thorntons chocolate There are certain things in life we just can't resist. For me, chocolate, shoes, handbags, candles, and my cappuccino machine are just a few of these.
I have always adored chocolate and find that it's just irresistible after dinner, or in fact, anytime! I have a 'Franks Special Cappuccino' that I have mastered making with my nesspresso machine, usually while wearing my apron saying 'Domestically challenged'.

My favourite is white or milk chocolate chilled in the fridge so that it snaps in your hand. I went to a Thorntons launch once and found myself in Chocolate Heaven as the tables were heaped with chocolates-galore and available to taste all night.

Oh my, I just couldn't stop! There was even a lady who did chocolate readings to determine your personality. It was so much fun.

I visited the Cadburys chocolate factory many years ago and have never forgotten it. I also went to a chocolate maker in London as a birthday present. There you could design and make your own box of chocolates.

Last year my husband had the biggest (and I mean huge!) chocolate Easter egg made for me with 'Chocoholic' written on it!

So from chocoholic to shopaholic. I adore shoes and handbags. I love the colours, the designs, and how they completely change the look of an outfit you may have worn a million times before.

My latest pair of shoes are bright red suede and when they saw me looking at them in the shop they were calling out for a home. I just adore them.

My handbag collection isn't as big as you might think (though some may beg to differ on that one!) but just unusual in  designs. My latest addition to the collection was from Father Christmas and is made from multi-coloured Mexican sweet wrappers and bound in leather.

Sounds very strange, I know. I get so many questions about it. It's so vibrant, fun and quirky, and I just love it. The bag from Scruncher was cute too. He somehow had a picture of me and him transferred onto the canvas of a pink (of course) leather shopper bag. It's very kitch and very cute. I use it in the studio to carry my show notes, microphone and makeup for the show.

As for candles, this is a love I've had for many years now since I discovered the way candles can change the mood of any room. I light candles almost every night; metallic pillar candles, floating candles in a big glass jar, candles fragranced with sandalwood and my Elemis big glow candle.

I often shut the bathroom door and  light a candle when I bathe and relax in my favorite bath oil. It's my time to switch off and chill out. I have a cupboard just for candles – my friends and family stock me up at birthdays and Christmas.

Are you as crazy as me? If so I would love to hear what your obsession confessions are!

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  1. Sarah January 27, 2009 at 5:07 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jill,
    Just a quick comment on your chocolate obsession entry. How are you so skinny? I was going to ask you anyway and now seeing that you love chocolate so much I felt compelled! What is your secret?!
    Love Sarah x

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