November gardening jobs, part 2


Hi gardeners,

Here's the second part of my recommended gardening jobs for November…

Remove moss from steps and paths
Make patios, paths and steps safer by removing any slippery moss and algae. Give the stonework a good scrubbing with warm water plus a bit of washing up liquid.
Pond maintenance
Remove pumps from the pond if you’re not running them over winter and clean them before storing. Clear the pond of any fallen leaves and don’t forget to feed the fish occasionally in mild weather.
TLC for your rhubarb
Give overgrown clumps of rhubarb a new lease of life. Dig them up and split them into smaller sections, each with a few buds. Re-plant 3ft apart in soil enriched with compost.
Care for houseplants
Central heating, though great for us, is hell for most houseplants as it makes the air extra dry. Tell tale signs are leaves going brown at the edges. To prevent this, place the plants on trays of damp gravel or mist spray them daily.
Pick up bulb bargains
Check the DIY stores and garden centres for clearance prices on the last of the spring flowering bulbs. Don’t buy anything soft or mouldy, and get them planted as soon as possible.
Tidy up fallen leaves
Rake up and compost fallen leaves on the flower borders. Left there, they’ll look a mess, but worse they’ll also provide an ideal shelter for over-wintering slugs and snails.

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