November gardening jobs, part 1


Tulip collection Hi everyone,

It's cold, wet and windy outside, but there's still lots you can do around the garden to ready it for spring. Here's ther first part of my gardening jobs for November…

Plant tulips
November’s the ideal time to plant tulips. Most other bulbs prefer to be in by now, but if tulips are planted any earlier than now, their shoots can get damaged by cold weather and fungal diseases.

Encourage your cacti
To encourage cacti to flower next year, give them a winter rest. Move them into a cool light room and don’t water them until the spring.

Care for your tools
Garden tools last longer if looked after. Before putting any of them away for winter, scrape off the soil and wash away any residue. Wipe any metal surfaces with an oily rag.
Sow beans
Sow broad beans for the earliest crops next June. For best results, plant them in well-drained soil in a warm, sheltered spot.
Use leaf rot for compost
Don’t waste those falling leaves. Put them in a black bin bag, mix in a handful of grass clippings, make a few holes in the bottom of the bag, then forget about them for 12 months. Next autumn, the leaves will have rotted down to make wonderful compost which is great for planting and for enriching the soil.
Repair leaky sheds
Check sheds to make sure no water is getting in. If necessary, replace the roof felt and make any other repairs to stop the winter rain from causing further damage.


  1. tina smith March 21, 2010 at 8:49 pm -  Reply

    earlier today you showed liles with a blue edge can you buy this without buying the mixed colour pack as i have the other two colours.

  2. Tina ayres September 20, 2011 at 12:54 pm -  Reply

    hi richard – what plants will be good to flower from oct through winter in hanging baskets? many thanks tina.

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