My amazing new Aerobed!


Alison lying on her Aerobed Not since man invented the wheel and John West introduced no-drain tinned tuna have I been so excited! I'm talking about the Aerobed that we sell here on QVC! Such clever clever people. Actually I'm not talking am I? This is probably closer to gibbering – if you can do that using the written word. So… let me take a breath and explain.

I was introduced to this amazing brand of self-inflating beds about a year ago, and became the proud owner of one just over a month ago. It arrived in a relatively small box, but within minutes the kids were all over it like locusts. Inside it was the miracle of mattresses.Aerobed Inflatable Single Sleepover Bed..  

All you need to do to bring to life this small flock-covered creation is plug it in, and in less than a minute it has turned into a bed! And not just any bed either – as the company say 'The finest alternative sleep system!' and I have to agree! Well we didn't even wait to put it in a bedroom – as you can see I was ready for forty winks in 60 seconds, on the hall floor! (left)

I had great plans to impress Colin's son Richard when he came to stay, but Lucy had got there first and our Aerobed was enjoying the sea breezes in Padstow, Cornwall! You see that's the joy of owning something like this. It's portable, a doddle to inflate, one button to press to deflate, and sooooooooooo comfortable. 

Think of the alternatives… a lilo that you'll have to blow up by mouth cos you've lost the pump; oh and Willows enjoying the Aerobed once you've bust a gut inflating it, you find there's a leak in it when you wake up flat on the floor. You could always take the cushions off the sofa but odds on, you'll find your extremeties fall into the gaps!

Of course there's always the old canvas camp bed that has 6 metal strut things that you have to slot into place and then… it's too boring to even write about… but let's not forget the sun chair that's fine after a couple of glasses of wine, but has a tendency to snap shut when you make the slightest movement and leaves you trapped for all to titter at…

Take a look at it, you're going to LOVE it! And so will your kids, your mum, your sister, your mates… oh, and your pets (see Willows left)! 

Have a great weekend.

Love Ali xx


  1. Magda Chetty May 7, 2009 at 8:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi AliWhat a great bed, where did you get it from? Can we get it on QVC?? As I told you before I live in Mallorca and always have friends and family to visit, and I can do with an extra bed. My brother came to stay last year with his son and a friend, and got a bed with them that you have to blow up with a pump,it took half an hour to do it, and as you know, with kids when they want to go to bed, they want to go now now!And as you said it will be great to use by the pool, so please let me know where I can get it, Thank you so much.Enjoy useing it, have a great week end.Magda. 

  2. Kath May 8, 2009 at 9:31 am -  Reply

    Hi Alison
    I had been looking for a spare bed for guests for a while. In January I bought the Portable Memory Foam Roll Up Bed from QVC. It is so comfortable it’s unbelievable. Its like sleeping on comfy marshmallows. In the morning it can be folded up and carried under one arm and then popped away in a cupboard. I have been with QVC over 10 years and this has been my best purchase ever.

  3. alison keenan May 10, 2009 at 7:02 pm -  Reply

    Hi Magda! As always, lovely to hear from you, and I’m hoping very much that you managed catch the show on Friday eve at 5pm when we sold this little aerobed at half price! Unfortunately it sold out, but if you look on our website you may be able to buy a similar model at a good price:) And you’re right, they’re great and I’m sure the little ones in your family will love it – excellent for by the pool too. Do hope all is well with you and that the weather is warming up nicely.
    Love Ali x

  4. alison keenan May 10, 2009 at 7:07 pm -  Reply

    Hi Kath, thanks for your lovely note. So glad you’ve found the perfect spare bed in the memory roll. I haven’t used it myself, but when I was renting I did buy the memory foam mattress topper and it has been fab. That said, the aerobed is incredibly comfortable and the kids love the fact that you just plug it in – boys and electricity! Hope all is well with you and yours and thank you for writing – lovely to hear from you.
    Love Ali x

  5. alison keenan May 10, 2009 at 7:15 pm -  Reply

    Magda, just checked and the half price aerobed is available on our QVC web site on waitlist – where we will try to get it to you within the next 90 days, but you don’t pay until/if it’s despatched. Hope that helps.
    Love Ali x

  6. Magda Chetty May 11, 2009 at 10:01 pm -  Reply

    Hi Ali
    Thank you sooooooooo much for writing back, I did miss the show, but a great friend who lives here (whom I got to join QVC 2 years ago) was watching and got one for me and one for herself, which is great. Thanks again you are a star.

  7. alison keenan May 13, 2009 at 10:21 pm -  Reply

    Magda that’s great!! Love this system. Think how long it would have taken by Royal Mail, and then we’d have missed the boat!
    Enjoy the bed and do keep in touch.
    Ali x x x

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