Nice now we’re back to normal


We’re back to the normal routine with the kids back at school, and normal clubs and work is back into the normal pattern.

As usual we have had a few things that have surprised us; like seeing Jackie Kabler appearing in a onesie when Deborah and I were presenting a cozy home show. She looked great and seemed to be very relaxed in it (not surprising as she owns one!)PicMonkey Collage

I was surprised to stumble across a few old boxes of slides when I was putting the Christmas decorations away. They were all from when I travelled round the world over 25 years ago and apart from not having any grey hair I didn’t have so many wrinkles either. I tried to scan one to show you and even though the quality is not too good (I’ll have a word with Mat Trim about that) you can see we clearly made a great friend in Katmandu.IMG_0025

I stood on the touch line watching my son train with his rugby team on Sunday morning and it seemed somewhat surreal due to the weather…. Some very cold hands and runny noses!593F1E83-107E-44F5-8666-93CC4B661FC8

Perhaps the most surprising thing was that I found the quietest place in our building, first thing in the morning, was… the studio! Peaceful, serene, temperature controlled and comfy. That’s why you will always find me in there first thing in the morning.IMG_0028

I’ll see you there for the morning show!

Simon x

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