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Toby after his bath Hi everyone,

I shouldn't say this out loud but it's always dangerous to let me have a few days off! I had some annual leave to use up and decided to take eight days off to do things around the house and visit family.

We decided a while back that we should sort out the 'Franklin junk yard' (also known as the garage) as there were things piled high that we never used and were just gathering dust. I'm a terrible hoarder, I can't help it – but I always think that you might need something in the future and I don't like clearing out. If you see me at the recycling centre, or the dump as we still call it, you'll almost see tears in my eyes as I throw things into the skips (it's a standing joke in our house).

This time I somehow managed to tweak my back, and I know I'll suffer for a couple of weeks as punishment. I know many people suffer with far worse back complaints than mine, but it's incredible how even minor back problems impact on simple everyday activities.

Ironically, my first hour back on air was 'Feel Good Factors' which included Back Magic. I was very nervous about using this on air but after chatting beforehand with the lovely Marjoleine Brugman (the Pilates guest), I was happy to use it.

If you saw the show you'll no doubt have noticed my improvement after just a few minutes use. Obviously  Fluffy Toby sat outside if you're reading this with a sore back, you might be tempted to try it out (If it's still in stock) but check with your Doctor or specialist first. It really helped me and I will continue to use it and report back.

I'm thrilled that Toby remains such a hit with viewers and guests too - Lulu Guinness saw his picture on my blog and loved him (she's a huge dog lover). Today Toby decided to roll around in mud and had to have a bath which made him even more fluffy!

Till next week, take care

Dale x



  1. Kim Gandy March 1, 2009 at 9:08 am -  Reply

    Dale, I have a garage like yours too – and my flat interior’s no better, working all hours to beat the credit crunch and screamingly high electricity bills means stuff just doesn’t get done. Amyway, onto lighter things… is QVC planning a special day for St George’s Day. I notice they usually acknowledge St Patrick’s Day. I hope St George will be honoured in the same way. I work in a home for the elderly and we’re celebrating with a special party and a quiz. How do you normally celebrate it? Roast beef and all the trimmings with a few friends around I should imagine! Toby looks really cute but I’d hate to have to bath him! Anyway, keep up the good work Dale. Spring is around the corner, I hope you get your garage sorted in time. xx

  2. julie March 7, 2009 at 5:33 pm -  Reply

    Dale, i hate throwing things out too and also cry, i get so sentimental over the smallest thing, so you can imagine what i’m like with bigger things. Isn’t the back magic great, i have one and it has helped my back so much.
    I want Toby, he is just too beautiful for word’s. I think ,my doggy would like to meet him and have a play with him, he loves to play with every dog he meets when he’s out his walks. He is full of fun.I alway’s remember the first bath my dog got and he didn’t know to shake himself afterwards or what to do, so he just stood there then ran to my mum and shook all the water over her, it was so funny. He has no bother knowing what to do now though.
    Enjoy your days off, or if they’re over hope they were good. Hope your back’s ok.

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