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Half term's here already… summer holidays next. Wow, this year is flying by.

I mentioned in last weeks blog how we would head off to the Island for our summer holidays as kids. Well, for a number of years as a child we would spend May half term in Weymouth and Portland in Dorset. I really looked forward to this break because Gran would join us. I think I had one of the coolest Grans ever!

Sadly, Gran passed away in 1990. She leaves us with the most wonderful memories. I recall thinking as a child how cool she was. She was mischievous too, and a little naughty. Gran had some wonderful ways about her.

I remember staying with her in her beautiful Victorian house in Bristol. I slept, in the spare bed, in her room as I was a little scared. We were chatting away when I looked down; I noticed some large crumbs on the floor from Gran's bread and butter.

She always took bread and butter to bed with her for a little feast in the night if she were hungry. She also took a couple of apples and would peel them with her pen-knife. But there were these crumbs on the floor by her bed. 'Oh they're for the mice' she said when I asked her!

Gran's handbag

Gran's handbag was huge and full to the brim; there was always a plastic bag inside her hand bag brimming with sweets! Lion Bars, Double Deckers, Flakes and Fruit Pastels! Gran was a walking tuck shop and looked after us very well!

But Gran had this one little habit which will always make me smile… though it was a little naughty. Whenever and wherever we or she went, be it a cafe, restaurant, tea-Room or hotel, Gran always kept a little memento of her visit. Teaspoons! Gran would grab a teaspoon and pop it in her bag. To this day, I don't know why! (Sorry if you have a tea-room and are missing a spoon from 25 years ago!)

My Mum and Gran would also argue over who was paying the bill. I'd be in hysterics because I knew what lengths Gran would go to. On one occasion Gran was so determined that she popped her money in the teapot!

Super-cool Gran without a doubt!

Take care and see you soon


Ps… I don't endorse spoon taking! x


  1. Risa Walker June 6, 2011 at 11:10 am -  Reply

    LOL Charlie – your gran sounded a wonderful lady 🙂 My late gran always used to bring sweets and biscuits when she babysat every Wednesday – everytime I look at a coconut marshmellow or wagon wheel I smile as they bring back happy memories.

  2. jennifer Metcalfe February 16, 2012 at 7:48 pm -  Reply

    How wonderfull to hear about your gran I think all grans take the edge as they have lived longer are much wiser and most dont give a damm anymore they love there family and like to spoil the children “Rock on Grans” ( Being one myself ) Ha ha x

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