My son’s birthday and our Silver Day event


This week seems to have flown past what with Sam's birthday party on the Saturday and then our Preview for Silver Day in the middle of a busy week at QVC, here we are almost at the weekend again!

There were a number of raised eyebrows in the family when I said Sam was having his 'do' at home.  Mutterings along the line of 'give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile', but I'm happy to say apart from a glass full of cobalt blue liquid – which I'm given to believe is some kind of alchopop – being found in the middle of the lawn on Sunday morning, all was well. Oh, and just incase you were thinking the mutterings may have been to do with underage drinking, Sam was 20, so all legal!

I will never forget the day he was born. It was a Friday and not just any Friday, but Red Nose Day. As I waddled towards the ambulance in the full throes of labour the driver asked me if I wanted to wear a Red Nose during delivery…?

Why, I hear you ask. I was never really very sure, but declined on the premise that I would look comical enough no doubt giving birth without having to highlight the event! He was a beautiful baby though and as good as gold, and hasn't really changed… much!

Treasures of India ringThen we had our Silver Day Event which took place over two days at QVC Towers. So many of you, with so much of our fab jewellery, as Mary from Shrewsbury said 'I feel like I've died and gone to heaven!'

The delightful Glen Campbell hosted the event while Claudia and the rest of us popped up in between shows to meet all those of you who invite us into your homes on a daily basis via the TV. Leslie, Pat, Sue, Alicia, Cheryl and Maggie all promised to read my blog if I mentioned them, so here you are girls! 

Of course Silver Day is this Sunday 15th March and this year I sadly won't be a part of it, but I did at least get to bring you two hours of Treasures of India silver jewellery on Wednesday which was beautiful.  The guest Debbie Nishimura was unable to visit us this time due to family commitments, but she had very kindly sent me a massive amount of background information on her inspiration behind the designs.  Of course a great deal of it is historic and I really enjoyed learning about a completely different culture and their beliefs. Judging by the number of sell outs, you enjoyed it too! 

Oh, and the lovely Simon Biagi took his camera along to the event and took photos of you all, but for those of you who had pictures taken with me, please could you send me a copy as I'd love to add them to my wall of pictures we're compiling in the presenter lounge. 

Must dash as on my way in for an evening of Yankee Candles! Fragrant, fresh and fabulous, I love my hours with Michaela, and as an additional treat I get an hour of Centigrade fashion with Glen Campbell.  Not a bad end to a busy week. How was yours?

Love Ali x


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