Getting hip with the Hipstreet!


Simon with the Hipstreet phone chargerI was offered the chance to try out our TSV for this Sunday (20th October) – the Hipstreet Power Bank portable charger for mobile phones with LED flashlight and when I opened the box it looked very cool. But as it's primary function is an emergency charger for phones, tablets and other portable battery-hungry gizmos, I was unsure how useful it would be for me.

You see, I have chargers all over the house, at work and I have one in the car. My iPad and iPhone both use the same connector so I thought I was pretty much covered. However, the other day my wife needed to take my car and me hers and just as I was heading out the door I realised my phone was flat. That day I really needed to be in contact and was expecting a few important calls. Then I remembered my Hipstreet!

I plugged my phone in and it immediately started charging, but the best thing was that as I was dropping my daughter off at school the phone and charger were in my pocket with me so I could answer calls and be charging at the same time. If I had my car it would have to be left in the car to charge… not a great idea. So the Hipstreet rescued me and now I will always have one on standby… just in case!

Simon x

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