My New Year’s Day game


Alison KeenanWell, happy New Year to you all!! I seriously have to do a double take when I write anything with the year 2009 – as the window cleaner pointed out when I gave him his cheque!

I managed to get to see my friend Jo before work on New Year’s Day as it was her birthday, and I was initiated into a rather strange but challenging game called "Rip One Off". It’s cheap, cheerful and it involves an empty cereal box and a lot of stretching…

Basically you have to be able to pick the box up with your teeth but without putting your hands on the ground. Amazingly Jo and I came joint first with Libby – who’s only 9 and managed to pick up just the flat bottom of the box unaided.

It was because of this that you may have noticed me laughing hysterically when on air with Glen Campbell during our Dennis Basso hour at 11pm. Having hopped off my stool to get a sip of water in the break my knees were so stiff I was having trouble getting back up there again! The delights of ageing eh?

There were some great coats in the show and I have infact ordered a red Centigrade one for me and my daughter Lucy. I haven’t had a red coat since I was nine and that was a duffel coat that I wore to collect money for poppies.George Foreman compact oven

It was really lovely to spend the beginning of January with you all and Tracey – our lovely George Foreman TSV guest. The compact oven proved a hit with you all, and I loved the frittata that was cooked in it at 10pm so much that I made one yesterday… delicious.

Keep sending in your photos! Our special wall of pictures is growing and it’s lovely to know who YOU are.

Ali xx

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