My heart belongs to London (when I’m not in Florida!)


Jill Franks at the Ritz I have been tempted by the sights and lights of London from a very young age. From the hustle and bustle of the busy streets to the beautiful architecture of theatres and the delights of fashion just staring at you from the beautiful shop window displays, looking like something out of a glossy copy of Vogue, all of that to me is what feels like home. I love it.

I agree it's not for everyone. My loveable father-in-law adores the green grass with sheep and cows at his front door. That's no joke by the way, they're literally at the front door! He is so funny as he is convinced it is some kind of illness that's responsible for my love of London. It's a joke we have had between us for many years now.

Jill at Legally Blonde, the Musical I thought I would share with you a day in London with my husband Larry that was a treat for my birthday.

It began very early with breakfast in my favourite restaurant in Knightsbridge. I had delicious pancakes with mascarpone and honey. A glass of carrot juice with ginger (of course I couldn't let you down now, could I?) and a cafe latte. The surprises began from here!

We took a trip to the big green house, AKA Harrods, to check out Thomas Sabo. I would so love him to come to QVC, he's a fabulous jewellery designer. His concepts and designs are amazing. Did I purchase? Of course I did! Don't be silly, it's me here, let loose shopping and on my birthday. A gift from my husband I might add…

After a little more shopping we took a taxi to the Ritz for afternoon tea. If you haven't done this, it's fabulous. You feel like Audrey Hepburn. It's as if you are entering an era of the true gentry. I fell in love with the chandeliers (well, you know me and chandeliers), and no I didn't come home with them though it did cross my mind!

The gold gilting on the decor is breathtaking. As for the cakes, scones, tea and sandwiches, they were all simply delicious. And yes, they went down very well, thank you. The (handsome) waiter brought me a birthday cake to come home with too, beautifully packed in a Ritz cake box fit for royalty.

Then a taxi took us to the Savoy theatre and to my first love, musicals. Legally Blonde was the show and it matched all the rave reviews I had read. I had been dying to see it for ages. Sheridan Smith (I loved her in Wicked, her first West End break) is fabulous as Ellie, the lead girl, and if ever a role was written for us Pink Diamante girls it's this one. I laughed so much that I was aching. It's a must if you haven't seen it.

Mr Bo Jangles and Scruncher We then took a stroll for a cup of coffee and some people-watching and then, exhausted, we drove home to Scruncher and Mr Bo Jangles (left) and had a fabulous birthday BBQ with a few friends and the boys.

Spoilt or what? I think so, don't you? But birthdays are special and Larry and I believe in celebrating them together as there is nothing more precious than sharing a wonderful experience together that we will never forget.

So, a year older at 45…uggggh… Mind you, I feel fabulous at 45 and love my 40s.

So what have I learnt this year? Well, I am still a girlie at heart, loving pink and having fun, and I have an adorable husband who always makes me feel like a princess. And yes, I still believe that life is to live as you never know what's around the corner.

Here's to next year! Start planning honey (hahaha!) otherwise how will we top this one?

Love and hugs,

Jill xxxx


  1. Nichola Baacke August 2, 2010 at 5:33 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jill
    I am off to see legally blonde on 16th August – can’t wait! I love Sheridan Smith too! I love anything pink and blingy so this will be right up my street.I am already planning my outfit, jewellery etc (well you have to don’t you!).

  2. sylvia August 3, 2010 at 2:43 pm -  Reply

    Hi Jill
    What a fabulous day you had! Please let us know what Larry bought you for your birthday.I bet it was something gorgeous.I am very like you in the respect that I also love the good things in life.You only get one life,so you go for it girlfriend.I love your blogs and watching you especially when you present the Pearl shows (my favourite shows) Take Care Jill. x

  3. Susan August 4, 2010 at 6:27 pm -  Reply

    What a wonderful blog Jill! And what a wonderful husband & relationship you have. You can always feel the warmth & love you both have for each other. It sounds like a wonderful day and well deserved! Who wouldn’t love that on your birthday! You and Jilly sound so similar I may add – she blogged about loving London & the theatres this week!!
    Have a lovely weekend & by the way your boys are so adorable!!
    Susan x

  4. Carole Gourlay August 4, 2010 at 8:58 pm -  Reply

    I just love Thomas Sabo, and always visit the shops when I come to London. Would also love his products to come to QVC!!

  5. alice rawling August 9, 2010 at 7:49 pm -  Reply

    i jill what a lovely birthday you had i love watching you you are my favourite presenter i can tell you love fasshion and always describe things and let us know what size the models are wearing and it gives agood idea of what size to order all presenters should follow your lead and say what size the presenters are wearing as i and all my friends find that very helpful hope you and your hubby continue to show your love for each other it must be that that that makes you shinelove alice

  6. Bridget February 24, 2012 at 3:22 pm -  Reply

    Great article; sounds like a fun day!
    I loved Legally Blonde the Musical and I’m gutted it’s closing!!!

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