My goals for the new year


At last I can write and say Happy New Year and lets hope it's a good one (to quote a well known song).  We certainly celebrated and began 2009 laughing as our theme for New Years Eve was Strictly Come Dancing – maybe I'll be brave and post a photo!

I do hope it's so far so good for you all and you're managing to stay healthy and happy.  If so, you're a better person than me. I'm just SO bored of being unwell – chesty coughs, cold noses and the horrid bug over the Christmas period. That reminds me, a huge thank you to Anthony and Alison Keenan for helping to cover my shifts.

2009 has begun with enthusiasm, determination and a realisation that some things are actually really quite fine to stay as they are regardless of the time we are in!


This relates to our house move (fingers crossed). Remind me I have made this decision by choice when I'm sobbing in our 'new' abode. In fact, let's just call it 'PROJECT'. Maybe I can take some DIY tools home to road test, believe me I'll need to!

It's amazing how the thought of packing it all up makes you (finally) have a good old clear out, my filing cabinet being the most satisfying so far. Let's just hope I haven't got rid of any vital documents in my haste!!


To equip myself and Tom's school with knowledge so we can further unlock the great potential within my lovely eldest son.  For those of you who aren't aware Tom has Downs Syndrome. He's now seven and our local mainstream school which he attends along with Joe and now Maddie is doing a super job, but some specific training is needed – I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!


After speaking to friends and family it seems to me we all share many common goals as a new year opens up. The older we become, the more we have a need to be closer to the special people in our lives and we start the year realising just how busy we all are.

I'm trying to be more time efficient both at work and home to free up even the littlest moments for family and friends. If you have any tips please share.

Talking of sharing, I had a great day at the 'New Year New You!' event on Friday. It was a great chance just to meet up with so many of you and with all those fabulous beauty products to delve into…heavenly.

Its funny isn't it, even with a bathroom cupboard full to bursting with delicious skin care I just have to try the new ones – I just can't wait.

See you soon

Lots of love

Claire xx

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