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What a great week I've had on QVC, I'm now going to relax with three or four days off. I'll be doing a spot of gardening while hoping my car passes its MOT with flying colours! I've been driving now for nearly 20 years but I remember passing my test like it was yesterday! 

All my savings went on my first car – a Ford Fiesta! It was second-hand yet in brilliant condition. The colour was bright yellow with black trim and bumpers!  It was nick-named 'The Banana Car' at work! It was the most basic of models – for example, to use the windscreen wash you had to press a little pump with your foot on the floor! But I loved it!

When I moved to London to work I had no need for a car so she moved on. I get a feeling my Banana Car is somewhere in a scrap-yard on the Isle of Wight now – shame.

So will my car pass its MOT? I hope so. It's also having a full service, oh, and the tax is due this month!

While relaxing this weekend with my family I'll be looking forward to Gold Day on Monday. What a line up we have for you. I have some star shows of the day including 'Golden Reflection Jewellery Collection' at 5pm. I've seen the range and it truly is out of this world!

See you Monday, take care and have a great weekend.

Charlie x

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  1. Magda Chetty May 21, 2010 at 9:31 am -  Reply

    Enjoy your week end the weather is going to be great, so you can do the garden and have fun. On Saturday I”ll be on my way back home (flying back to Mallorca), you remember I meet you when I came over to see Julia Robert last Monday. I had a great time at QVC and it was great seeing you too.
    I hope your car pass its MOT, and have a great few days rest, and look forward to watching you on QVC next week from home in Spain. You all a great job.
    Much love.

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