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I hope March has got off to a good start for you. I see daffodils along grassy banks and popping up in gardens which is always a good sign.

I celebrate 21 years this month (not in age – I wish!) but 21 years in television and radio. I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone. I remember my first day at work so vividly. My 'cool look' of trendy trainers, jeans and a t-shirt were my uniform! Hardly a business suit, but radio and TV has always had a fairly informal dress code! 

My first job in radio was back home on the Isle of Wight at the local station, called, funnily enough, Isle of Wight Radio – to this day, a highlight of my career. I started out by running various errands for them and writing the travel news. I progressed to radio production which proved to be a real strength of mine.

However, It was in 1991 I took to the airwaves with the overnight show. From 1am to 6am I was broadcasting live across the Isle of Wight and beyond, 5 nights a week. I once fell asleep on air, but that's another story! My time at the station wasn't without any mishaps (my Gran always said… learn from your mistakes!) I think though, there is only one thing you learn from taking a radio station off air – and that is – don't take a radio station off air! 

To be fair, it was an accident – well, that's what I told them! I had just come off-air after my night shift. It was also my duty to go into engineering and change over the logging tapes (by law you're obliged to record the output of the station). While doing this I had a bit of a Frank Spencer moment.

Unbeknown to me I knocked a chair, which knocked a step ladder, which knocked a switch… which subsequently took us off air! Oops! Moments later, still unaware, I left engineering having changed the tapes to be greeted by panic. Nothing to do with me I thought, all I've done is change the tapes! The station engineer was called, he eventually arrived and we finally went back on air after an hour or so of silence! The switch in question was later addressed so it wouldn't happen again.

Out of the last 21 years, 11 or so have been with QVC which I have loved and they've been some of the quickest. I still present the occasional show back home on the Isle. I have worked for many radio and TV stations but the Isle of Wight will always be very dear to me.

I could write about the time a colleague of mine at the station swore on-air by mistake, or the time when my Dad drove me around the island while I did a show from my mobile phone! Memories to cherish… well, most of them!

See you soon, take care

Charlie x

Ps… I've just this minute come from a meeting with our silver buyers here at QVC. I'm launching Silver Day this Monday night at midnight with a stunning Mischa by Design pendant. I'm also looking after the grand finale Tuesday evening (Silver Day is a whirlwind 24 hour event – with some real treats in store for you). In the finale I'll bring you Teal Topaz, Druzy Quartz and a splash of diamond set in silver at an astonishing price! 

See you then x

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  1. Marian Bolton March 3, 2011 at 8:32 pm -  Reply

    Hiya Charlie. We have a great radio show in South Yorkshire called ‘Big John at Breakfast’ on radio Hallam FM. He plays six till ten every weekday. It’s like listening to big kids in a play pen – really funny. There’s Big John Harrison, producer James and Michelle Mary Mustard – oh and a talking hamster called Hallamster who has now released three CD’s! It really is as fun as it sounds. If you’re ever in South Yorks in the early morning, tune in. You’ll be glad you did. X

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